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PopSugar Poll: Which Couple Was Your Favorite at the Eclipse Premiere?

Which Couple Was Your Favorite at the Eclipse Premiere?

Last night's Eclipse premiere in LA brought out all of the film's brightest stars. It was an evening full of exciting moments — check out our top 10 — but it was particularly sweet to see the love between some of the couples on the red carpet. From duos who have been together for years to those who even have yet to confirm their romantic status, there was lots of emotion on display — tell us, which couple was your favorite at the premiere?

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silia silia 7 years
robsten is the perfect couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kellylouise kellylouise 7 years
I love Peter and Jennie, so I'm sorry. But of course, it's Rob and Kris hands down. They look ready for a wedding.
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
Of course, Robsten!!!! :)
purebloodfanpire purebloodfanpire 7 years
Rob and Kristen :) Hey guys I need memebers. My group is all about everything twilight and harry potter. Here's the link: Come check it out
Malorie Malorie 7 years
Kristen and Rob~ they owned the red carpet all the way...
nikitou nikitou 7 years
ohh it's funny how nonstens and haters try to hard to convince people that Rob and kristen aren't together. It's pathetic and LOL worthy. Even Stevie wonder can see they are together . ITs so freaking obvious. haha..Like kristen said last years she won't talk about her relationship but things will happen naturally...If it was for PR , why they didn't get a mag cover with full of romantic pics? Think about getting a brain transplant guys
untitled1 untitled1 7 years
Anytime Peter and Jennie are in a favorite couple poll, no one else matters. They are the absolute cutest couple of all time.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 7 years
Robsten cute; adorable.
kellykonrad kellykonrad 7 years
rpattz and kstew
celina243 celina243 7 years
Wow, i cant believe people are still thinking Rob and Kristen are together because of the OBVIOUS publicity stunt Summit plays whenever a Twilight movie comes out. These two never pose together for anything, and now, out of nowhere they act like theyre in love. People, whether they are or not together in real life, right now theyre POSING for you to give them money !!! geeez people can be so naive...
Backslider Backslider 7 years
Have to say I think Kellan & Ashley would be soooo cute together!!! ?
carmen2985 carmen2985 7 years
I absolutely 100% do not understand the draw of Kristen Stewart. Can someone please explain it?
bruceebaby bruceebaby 7 years
Rob and Kristen, they were so adorable together on the carpet!
sabrina27 sabrina27 7 years
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
as much as i wanted to vote for someone else - rob and kris were my favs!
AmalieDanielle AmalieDanielle 7 years
Robert & Kristen.
JuLi85 JuLi85 7 years
Kristen and Rob!! always!
Jen4 Jen4 7 years
Robsten :HEART:
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