We saw many of our favorite celebrities having a blast on the Fourth of July, but were you paying attention to everything that went down when you got back from your long weekend? Test your knowledge and take the quiz!

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What song did Tony Romo serenade Jessica Simpson with at her birthday party?

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Where did Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong fly off to after meeting MM's new baby Levi?


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In what city did Steve stand up for his co-star when a reporter asked Anne about her split with Raffaello?

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What concert did Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry attend this week?

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What celebrity family visited the Cruises at their home in Telluride for the Fourth of July weekend?

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Where did Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy trade bathing suits?

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What club did Nicole Richie supposedly get thrown out of in Vegas?


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What store did Cash Warren and Jessica Alba shop at last Friday?

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What actress was spotted by fans on a tourist bus this week?

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What actress was walking around with the Obama cover of Rolling Stone?