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Celebrity Kids
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Celebrity Kids
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azucar_ame azucar_ame 9 years
Cute and Colorful Couple :) !azucar! Ame
Faylinn Faylinn 9 years
She looks like she's in her 40s. The blonde hair has aged her A LOT.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
I think he looks as yummy as ever and I love that he acts like a gentleman. Her dress is fugly and I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm so use to her scowl that the picture of her smiling is kind of weird/goofy looking.
She's smiling, weird! I like her dress.
KiDoE KiDoE 9 years
marley11 marley11 9 years
wow, they look "grape" themed.
Miss-Delicious Miss-Delicious 9 years
a smile! How nice!!!!!
PrincessAmes PrincessAmes 9 years
Luv these two. VB said on her special and in numerous interviews that she doesn't smile because it makes the pic worth more. She's having her privacy invaded while (esp. while doing mundane things) as it is, WHY would she GIVE the paps an opportunity to MAKE money off her? But, she did say she would smile more here in America. I don't really like her dress. And, I gotta say it. Becks = YUMsugar!
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
i agree allourregrets i agree :)
CoMMember13630786602261 CoMMember13630786602261 9 years
I honestly dont care that she never smiles. I dont just walk down the street with a big ol smile on my face and I certianly wouldnt if I was being followed by all those paps!If you watch her in interviews, or see pics of her with her kids, she IS very spunky and always smiling a giggling. I think we just always see pictures of her when shes just trying to go about her business and being harrassed by paparazzi
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 9 years
Wow, she smiled!! she looks cute when she smiles.
misslarue misslarue 9 years
ho ho ho green giant.
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
But it is nice to see a man defending his woman against the pervie paps!
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
I love how he's there and making sure that the photogs don't shoot pictures up her skirt! I've seen him do that many times! That's really sweet. :ROTFL: Haha, that's pretty sad that this is considered sweet during this day n age. :OY:
magalaya magalaya 9 years
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen her smile before. Haha
saritabonita saritabonita 9 years
oh christmas tree, oh christmas treeeeeeeee
trigunkat trigunkat 9 years
that dress is fug nice color though
Cleopatra2U Cleopatra2U 9 years
Victoria has said since her Spice Girl days (and probably before then, even) that she doesn't like to smile because she doesn't like her dimples. She usually keeps herself in check, but every once in a while, she slips up. I like this quirk of hers. It makes seeing her smile something special.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
"and :jawdrop: she's smiling!! im sure some ppl will b like damn she's smiling now we need new material heheh Smiling" LOL LILFLOWA :rotfl: love david n all but thats a horrible color on him :raspberry:
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
Thanks for smiling Victoria!!! Sorry...i just love these two! not sorry. :P
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
Ok...i have to correct you all...David is wearing Magenta...not purple. :ROTFL: But DAAAAAAAYYYUM he is hotness personified!! Yummy! :LOVE: As for Victora...that green dress is "scary"...and she is supposed to be "posh"!! :ROTFL:
lms lms 9 years
I don't like her dress and his outfit looks kind of nerdy to me.
fashionstar fashionstar 9 years
I love how even when they aren't dressing alike they're still coordinated. His plum sweater goes well with her green dress. And now that I've seen her smiling, I don't ever want her to again, she looks fug when she does.
shleamg shleamg 9 years
I don't care what she wears- she is always interesting and not afraid to take a risk. As for the smiling, get off her back. I don't like smiling all the time in pictures either- doesn't mean I'm not happy!
sibalc sibalc 9 years
I don't like her dress but I love her smile. And I love David wearing purple.
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