Posh is next in line to be a reality TV star! Simon Fuller, manager to Posh and Becks and the former manager of the Spice Girls is creating a TV fashion show for Posh. Maybe next Posh and Becks will star in a reality TV show together. We can only hope... Was this why Posh was smashed this week? Here's more:

"It will be more serious than a reality show but will still be entertaining because Victoria is so funny," he told Broadcast magazine.

Fuller, who manages both Victoria and David Beckham, is responsible for the hit shows Pop Idol and American Idol.

In the interview, Fuller, 46, said he was also planning a sitcom based around another former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton.

"Emma wants to get into TV," he said. "She went to drama school and it's in her blood. We're going to give her a shot."

Fuller has also been approached by comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams to develop Little Britain for the United States.

"We are on the brink of confirming something rather special," he told Broadcast magazine. "Comedy of that quality always crosses the Atlantic."