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BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
She's smiling! :jawdrop:
SexyNeverLeft78 SexyNeverLeft78 10 years
1-I thought "POSH SMILIES" was a sick joke, so I came running. 2-I haven't seen her smilie in years and it is so nice to see her teeth. 3- A better interview is when Ali G had both Posh and Becks there. It was when they were 1st married and she was a more pleasant person. I think the paps turned her into the robot (and the botox, surgery, AND implants LMAO). Here
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not (I didn't read all the comments), but if any Spice Girl or non-Spice Girl fan for that matter, remembers that she doesn't like her smile, so that's why she rarely smiles. She's so stylish.
Drewsfan Drewsfan 10 years
I love to see her smiling! I can't wait for her show, I think it'll be great to see a bit into her personality. I'll have to look into her blog sometime!
gangstaLOVER707 gangstaLOVER707 10 years
love posh ever since she was in spice girls... lmao... and her husband is sooo foine...lols yeah i'd be her bestfriend for that one lols
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
She looks like a man to me. I have never liked her.
mrsd mrsd 10 years
She really should smile more, she's daggum adorable when she does!
christie christie 10 years
She has the most gorgeous smile!
bonchicbongenre bonchicbongenre 10 years
I love her! She has a cute smile!
mayfairgirl mayfairgirl 10 years
L. de Suza - everything you say is SPOT ON!
Rnicolew Rnicolew 10 years
LOVe her! Would you smile all the time if people followed your every move? Lets ponder for a second....
TiKiBoo TiKiBoo 10 years
I just think she is brill :)
lilflowa lilflowa 10 years
arrr sooo cute...n y do people insist on saying the cops r fake? i guess ur just gonna have to watch the show and see eh........ heheheh :P
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
I like her hair better dark.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 10 years
She looks wealthy, is wealthy and married to hot, but she's still a scank to me, not sure what it is, can't pin-point it. She is no Reese, Drew or Cameron, that's for sure.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 10 years
She is so plastic to me, not sure why- But I just see a really fake, made-up person ... I tend to wonder how deep the beauty is at night when all the make-up comes off.
Erica-Kane Erica-Kane 10 years
I love the outfit and the peek of green underneath. I can't wait for her show to come on. Cheesy or not.
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
She's so pretty when she smiles.
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
She irks me, but I love seeing pics of her to check out what she's wearing!
ElleJay ElleJay 10 years
Awww Posh looks so cute here! Can't wait for her new show, i know i'll be just as addicted to it as i was to Newlyweds!!!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I love a Britsh accent too, but have you heard David? Eeeek!
SwtAsSgar SwtAsSgar 10 years
Haha... It will definitely be cheesey, but I will still watch it too.... asco - me too, actually, any accent is nice!
asco00 asco00 10 years
I'll watch. I won't be able to help myself. Plus I love a british accent lol.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
She looks so pretty and girlish when she smiles!
Soonerbabe Soonerbabe 10 years
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