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Pre Golden Globe Swag Room Mini Dead-Eye Off

Welcome to the inaugural mini Dead Eye-Off here on PopSugar. In case you missed the original epic battle, all the background can be found here, but really it's pretty self explanatory. Hollywood can suck the life out of any starlet, and where better to witness said vacancy than in the pre-award show swag rooms. Seriously, just standing in a room and posing with random objects in order to score free stuff is about as lifeless as it gets. So here's a mini poll, just to get us rolling.

Hayden Panettiere, though adorable as always, looks a touch possessed in this picture, and something in Katharine McPhee's eyes tells me that her mind is elsewhere. Devil Wears Prada Golden Globe nominee, Emily Blunt, on the other hand, well she's just thrilled to be here. Or not. So what do you guys think, do any of these girls need a Lifevention somewhere far far away from pretending to be super psyched about a coffee mug with a thermometer on it? Or should they leave the Dead Eyes for the pros?

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