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maryvee maryvee 5 years
 @omar8D Plus just because she showed the baby, Blue Ivy or whatever stupid name... I still think it was all FAKE!  no proof she had it at all, so laugh all you want , I say SURROGATE! the truth will come out one day.........  
maryvee maryvee 5 years
 @omar8D I know this is an old post, but shame on you for wishing cancer on innocent babies! WTF is wrong with You! everyone is entitled to their opinions. You are an A$$.
Bellajaztc Bellajaztc 5 years
And another thing I bet none of you would say anything wise if u actually met her. So y say it on the computer when this crap is stupid. Grow up how old are we now. Kids are a blessing and not something to take lightly or to lie about.
Bellajaztc Bellajaztc 5 years
I think beyonce is beautiful. I dont know why everyone is hating on her. See we are all sitting her talking Sh*t about her for what. She got more friends and family and money than we ever will. She is pregnant she even announced it at the mtv awards. I think we all need to get over the fact that she is amazing and give her respect. She deserves a kid. Leave her alone.
omar8D omar8D 5 years
god i hope all of you hateful people get pregnant and your baby has cancer, leave beyonce alone and focus on your own depressing life, when she has her baby and you all see it i'm going to laugh in your face, its people like you all why we're all going to hell -____-
mzbshae mzbshae 5 years
I black and I didnt have any skin darkening or swelling..I didnt even show till 7-8 months.I actually had troubles gaining weight as to my friend when she was 5 months she was huge so each person is different.Beyonce is a dancer so I asssuming she gonna b shaped a lil different.Plus, she use to wearing heels and I dont see anything wrong wit waat she is wearing..maybe to much boob action lol but other than that she looks great..I wore all the same clothes till I was really huge.
chnadoll0718 chnadoll0718 5 years
Blastastic, i honestly think you had the wrong idea, since youre being honest, the rest of the world can too. while i understand you had three children, can you say TRULY that all three of your pregnancies turned out EXACTLY the same? if you can, you need to be examined. any ob/gyn could tell you that everyones pregnancies are different. beyonce, is a performer. therefore, shes going to have a more toned body, than say...maybe you. or i. in my own pregnancy and i am african american, i didnt gain, or swell up as expected. i didnt even show until my 6-7th month really. so it all depends. we shall see when feb or so get here, what truly happens. but i think what everyone else was telling you, was that its wrong to point out a specific group of people, and say because of their background. they should be like this.
shUtUpNow shUtUpNow 5 years
It says she is in a "super-tight, sexy minidress" it doesn't say she is in "pregnancy wear" like some of ya'll said! I think she is sexy and to be a sexy mom is even better! Psh I know if my body was like when I was pregnant I would have been showing it off too! Quit being jealous and talking crap because your fat and can't dress like that! YOUR HOT BEYONCE ROCK IT GIIIRL!(:
ashkell ashkell 5 years
Not all black and Hispanic women have the same body type or genes, we come in every shape and size so making blanket statements about what women of color look like while pregnant is ignorant.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
stfu with all the YALLZ, learn how to type like youZ made it through the 6th grade....anyway, she's tacky and fake like her hair - I'm sure Solange is chained up somewhere playing surrogate
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
I promise you ALL I don't give a damn where you think I'm 'going' with the use of the word ethnic. Last time I looked she is a black woman. Black women (and Hispanic who are of African descent as well!) in general swell up all over when they are pregnant. You can be sensitive while I'll be honest. And not only swell but go through skin darkening when that pregnant. Do I care what you think about a scientific fact? Hell no. I'm not a lame star who has no freedom of speech and there will be no apology or retraction. I mean every word I say. :P Don't like it... tell God. He may care.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 5 years
Chill people! Who gets bent out of shape anymore over 'color' or 'ethnicity'!
diy diy 5 years
Babies and pregnancies are beautiful BUT Cheese n' rice, shes acting like this baby is the chosen one, Im already sick of her
Tamekaknosbest Tamekaknosbest 5 years
all yall haters need to fall back why are yall mad cuz yall aint shining like beyonce wishing yall could be in her place get it gurl love the haters you look wonderful and this is coming from Tameka Kno's best keep it real
nomie nomie 5 years
I agree with lamess. i'm black and didn't have any of those things happen to me with my pregnancy. that was a very broad, unfortunate statement.
What does her being an "ethnic" woman have to do with it? Not sure I like where you're going...
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
After having 3 babies I'm having trouble understanding how this woman can grow such a belly without gaining any edema in her neck, nose, fingers or cheeks. She's not a small woman and she is an ethnic woman so I find it astonishing.
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 5 years
I am not buying this 'pregnancy' at all. I've been pregnant twice. The stomach does not collapse into a boomerang when you sit down. But pregnant or not, gosh can't she dress with a little more class? So trashy.
maryvee maryvee 5 years
@Gdeeaz sorry but that bikini pic proves nothing, she could have just had a big lunch and was sticking her stomach out, she wasn't that big in the pic!
Bazzy Bazzy 5 years
Her style was trashy before and it's trashy now. You can still be sexy and pregnant. She doesn't know the difference.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 5 years
she'll totally do the 'nude preggo' photo shoot...always looking for a reason to pose, and to pose with no clothes.
ArtsyArchitette ArtsyArchitette 5 years
That "pregnancy" outfit (and shoes) are just ridiculous.
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
This is another awkward maternity outfit..
lisacasey lisacasey 5 years
Although she is stunning and has a perfect body she is soon to be a mommy so she needs to act like one. She can still look gorgeous with something a little better fitting
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 5 years
If it is a scam how do you explain the pictures of her in her bikini while pregnant?
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