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Prince William Quotes About Cyberbullying February 2018

Prince William Surprises Students With a Powerful Speech About Cyberbullying and Mental Health

Image Source: Getty / Tim P. Whitby

Prince William surprised a group of students at London's Burlington Danes Academy on Thursday to talk about cyberbullying, and his speech is something everyone needs to hear. William began by addressing the female students in the room, expressing his concerns over body image and how women are portrayed online. "I worry for you girls. The touched-up pictures are not real," William told the audience. "Don't try to re-create them or think that's what you've got to aim for. There's a lot of fakeness online, so don't worry about that."

As for how students should maintain their mental health, William advised, "Don't spend all day online . . . For your mental health, get outside, come away from the screen." William then focused his attention on the boys in the room and spoke about the importance of opening up and talking about your feelings. "We're not very good at talking about our emotions and how we feel," he said. "Girls have got a little bit better, and boys, we've really got to work hard on being able to talk to friends, family, and trusted people about how we feel." Well-said, William.

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