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Project Greenlight Update

I have abandon writing reviews of this show because I got really behind once it moved to Thursday night and when I was traveling. So now that I am caught up, I have to say I think they did a fabulous job casting. The Director got to include his family in small parts, and that made him happy, and then they also got some C/D-list celebs - some of which are up and coming and some of which just have a special place in my heart.

So for the up and coming actors, Krista Allen (Clooney’s ex), Navi Rawat (Theresa from The O.C. and now on Numb3rs), and Jenny Wade (from MTV's Undressed and has 7 projects coming out or in the works in 2005 including Monster-In Law).

Those close to my heart - Henry Rollins who went to my high school (but way before I got there) - Go Bullis, and Mr Balthazar Getty. He's no Sean Penn as far as talent, and he's not quite Tom Cruise when it comes to looks, but ever since Lord of the Flies, he has had a special place in my heart.

Click here to see the full cast.

Now that the filming has wrapped, PG will be taping post-production. Hope something exciting happens tonight. The show has been interesting (and better than other seasons) but it still lacks something. Also the HP and Honda placement needs to be toned down. Enough already - we get it.

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