There's just one more week to go with this year's PopSugar 100, and the tournament is down to the two finalists Robert Pattinson and Sandra Bullock. We're testing your knowledge to see how familiar you are with the two superstars — and make sure to get your final vote in and enter to win Chanel!

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Robert Pattinson has modeled for which of the following British clothing chains?

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Who hasn't Sandra Bullock been romantically linked to?

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What was the name of Robert's character in the Harry Potter series?

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What was Sandra Bullock's mother's job?

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How many siblings does Robert have?

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Sandra Bullock is a native of which state?

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In which film was Robert's part only included on the DVD version?

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Sandra finished her college coursework at which university?

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What was the name of Robert's London school?

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Where did Sandra move when she decided to pursue acting?