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yyam084 yyam084 9 years
all the people thinks she's jobless and that she don't get much offers are insane...why?!!here is it... "rachel turned down a sitcom with the nbc and adam turned down chuck...josh and mcg wanted adam to do the sitcom chuck as the lead in, but he wanted film roles and rachel just doesn't want to be in a tv show anymore...maybe she also wanted film roles...and so was ben he was also offered a role in a cop-nbi tv show but he turned it down... after the o.c. they were each offered a tv roles..but due to their demands of wanting more of a film career...they all turned it down.." ben mckenzie has a movie coming out with al pacino called 88 minutes and Standford experiment with Channing tatum and Ryan Philippe...and now his filming his latest movie where he will be the lead Johnny Got His Gun (2008), while adam has the ten in theaters and smiley face with anna farris...and soon an unannounced movie that we saw from his recent sightings that he was reading a script and he got his band, big japan..while mischa has 7 movies in a work, she is filing her latest film with bruce willis, the sophomore....okay they all have a job..the o.c. became their launching pad to the film world.... for me rachel just needs to date actors who she didn't co-starred with, i know it' sound neurotic but she didn't even date zach braff...she just needs to avoid those things...
yyam084 yyam084 10 years
rachel is cute and charming,glad i'm seeing more of her.... to greggie and lorenashley, you don't have to comment on rachel if you don't like her,just keep it to yourself,cause i'm a big fan of her....and will surely defend her at some points....
krisua krisua 10 years
Jenny looks cool but Jim again...
Jacqui Jacqui 10 years
I have to say that although Rachael Bilson is cute, her outfit is a bit disappointing this time. As for Shanna Moakler (no clue who that is but I'm going to assume its the blondie in yellow that needs her roots retouched) BLONDES SHOULD NOT WEAR YELLOW. I don't kno how many times I can stress the fact. It looks effing sh*t, I don't care what shade of blonde!!!!!!!
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
Love R-Bils & Jim/Jenny!
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
I don't like Jim's hair, and yes, it may be for a role but I still don't like it. lol I always thought Shanna was so pretty but too much eye makeup here.
helenette helenette 10 years
yayyyy more rachel and zooey pleasee
girlboy girlboy 10 years
rachel looks pretty
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 10 years
I know ! that hair is getting on my nerves ..
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Eh, I'm just glad to see Jim and Jenny, I could leave the other two. But I think it's finally time for Jim to get a trim.
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 10 years
Ooo i love Zooey and Bilson as well ! YAY for the people i love ,haha
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 10 years
I adore Jim Carrey .
Jennie Jennie 10 years
Rachel! Yay! It's been too long, love her. Wish she'd get some work asap. As for Shanna, she is looking not her best..
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Naima, is she still with Travis? FB.....thank ya, girl :) It will be hard to part with my long hair but it has ZERO style and I am dying for a change. Even the bangs didn't do anything for me.
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
No prob Tatti!! Oh she totally cake face going on!
tati33 tati33 10 years
Shanna is here because??
MSgirl MSgirl 10 years
Shanna Moakler looks retarded in that dress-
tati33 tati33 10 years
:ROTFL: nyara thanks butterfly - i was wondering where Alejandra Espinoza was from. i personally feel she has way too much make up on
Naima Naima 10 years
Shana is so pathetic, her husband left her because she has got to be the laziest most useless person out there. My boy is friends with Travis, they grew up together and he can't stand Shana. He even went as far as saying that the woman is not a good mother to her children. Now that's a bold statement but apparently this woman has no clue how to be a mother and has three kids which she never takes care of.
mar mar 10 years
Shanna looks TERRIBLE! She has so much potential, but she is always so cheesey
Drewsfan Drewsfan 10 years
Is it just me or does Zooey look a little weird in that pic? Either way, love her & Bils! I love Jim & Jenny too, can't stress that enough.
Wisdombody7 Wisdombody7 10 years
Shana Moakler wants us to think she's still relevant.
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
Ewwwwwwwwww Jim's hair...
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
I just googled Alejandra Espinoza and Im guessing its the girl in the green shirt! She apperantly won some Mexican pagaent of some sort....I think a Latina one? I think she's done movies too!
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
Jenna girl, I think you would look so cute if you did that - go for it!
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