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Rachel Bilson Car Crash

Rachel Bilson is looking hot in this photo shoot for You Magazine. This is quite a different Rachel than the one that walks around in her jammies. Regardless of what she is wearing, the woman is undeniably adorable. Rachel recently confessed she was hanging out with the wrong crowd at one point and a major car crash made her rethink her life. She said,

“I had a few years from the age of 14 till about 16 when I was hanging out with people I probably shouldn’t have been hanging out with, pretending to drink beer and acting cool. They were older than me, my brother’s friends, so I can blame him. Then one day, we all got into a car accident. It was a head-on collision and everyone ended up in hospital. One guy was paralysed and I was unconscious for a day or two. The accident changed me. It made me go in a different direction to the self-destructive route. It woke me up and stopped me going down that road.”


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