Love that Rachel Bilson is happy to admit she is an NSYNC fan. Supposedly she got all excited the other night when she got JT's phone number. No worries, it was a friendly exchange. Rachel and Adam are still going strong. Here's more on her JT encounter from The Insider:

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and CAMERON DIAZ are doing just fine. So fine that they're secure enough to let each other make friends with members of the opposite sex. A source tells me that Timberlake recently exchanged numbers with "O.C." starlet RACHEL BILSON, who famously dates her "O.C." co-star, ADAM BRODY. Bilson and Timberlake were recently introduced at a Hollywood nightclub. And before you jump to any conclusions, I'm told Diaz was there so it's not like Timberlake was trying to pull a fast one. "Rachel and her friends can't believe it because they were such huge *NSYNC fans," the source says.