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Rashida Jones Tweets About Shazam

Our Favorite Funny-Lady Tweets of the Week

We're rolling into August with our favorite funny-lady tweets of the week! This week on Twitter, Rashida Jones had a groundbreaking idea for those acquaintances you can't seem to remember, and Mindy Kaling shared a great tip for the professional work environment. Diablo Cody and Mae Whitman, on the other hand, focused on bodily health and willpower.

Life would be so much easier if Rashida Jones was an inventor.

And she didn't even ask if we wanted any of it. Thanks Mae.

Listen, we're not going to tell you how to live, Lena, but we'd appreciate some consistency.

Check out the rest of the funniest tweets when you read on!

Am I the only one who would be down if Mindy Kaling said this to me?

Diablo Cody sets the standard for willpower. So impressive.

Ellen Page sure knows how to appreciate nature's gifts.

Something tells me Sarah Silverman is a little confused about POWs.

Oh man, to be a fly on the wall during Chrissy Teigen's therapy sessions.

Zing! Point for Bette Midler.

So that's why Anna Kendrick sounded sexier than usual.

"You guys, we have to do it this way. It was comedy writer Megan Amram's dying wish."

Not to hate on Kristen Schaal, but I'd like to be considered for this role as well.

Don't let Bert the Muppet hear you say that, Kristen. He'll be pissed.

I can relate to comedian Kelly Oxford. One time I got weepy from watching 30 Rock.

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