The Real Housewives Kids Are All Grown Up!

Apr 24 2015 - 3:20pm

It's been over nine years since The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted on Bravo, forever changing your nightly TV-watching routine [1]. The original series spawned several spinoffs in different locations, and we were introduced to all kinds of (megarich) families. While the dynamics between the women have changed a lot over the years, their children have changed even more. The babies are now kids, the teens are adults, and some have even had children of their own, making the Housewives into grandmas! Take a look here to see how much the kids have changed over the years.

Shane Keough

Mom: Jeana Keough from Orange County

Remember Shane? He was so cute, but he gave his mom such a hard time that sometimes it was hard to watch. He's now living in Las Vegas and dating Brittany McGowan, Miss Nevada USA.

Kara Keough Bosworth

Mom: Jeana Keough from Orange County

Let's never forget that road trip that Jeana and Kara took up to UC Berkeley. She ended up transferring to UCLA, where she met her husband, NFL player Kyle Bosworth. The couple are currently expecting their first child together.

Colton Keough

Mom: Jeana Keough from Orange County

Aw, Colton. The younger brother is busy playing minor league baseball these days.

Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson

Mom: Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County

Briana has been one of the most active kids on the show throughout the years. She's had a turbulent relationship with her mother, thanks to Vicki's ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, but she's now happily married with two kids.

Michael Wolfsmith

Mom: Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County

Michael has since recovered from the emotional trauma of having his mother show up with beer to his college apartment, and he works for her at Coto Insurance. He even has a LinkedIn profile [2]!

Ryan Vieth

Mom: Tamra Judge from Orange County

Tamra wasn't terribly excited when she found out Ryan was engaged to his girlfriend, Sarah Rodriguez, last season, but it seems like she's pretty pleased now that Ryan is a father to a little girl and they've moved back to the OC.

Raquel and Alexa Curtin

Mom: Lynne Curtin from Orange County

Lynne made quite an impression over her two seasons on the show, and so did her daughters. Former troublemaker Raquel (on the far left) is now a model for Suicide Girls [3], a website showcasing "alternative pin-up girls." News hit in May 2014 that Alexa (far right) had been starring in pornography [4] under the name of Jayden Taylors.

Victoria de Lesseps

Mom: Luann de Lesseps from New York City

Victoria is currently an artist. You can check out her work over at her professional website [5].

Noel de Lesseps

Mom: Luann de Lesseps from New York City

Noel (pictured above with his father, Alexandre de Lesseps) is studying illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He also has a professional website [6], because would you expect anything less from the Countess's kids?

Avery Singer

Mom: Ramona Singer from New York City

It seems like just yesterday we met Avery in her awkward preteen phase, but now she's 19 years old and a student at the University of Michigan.

Ally Shapiro

Mom: Jill Zarin from New York City

Still residing in New York City, Ally now works as an assistant analyst at an investment firm. Now that her mom is back on the show, we might get to see her a little bit more!

Francois and Johan van Kempen

Mom: Alex McCord from New York City

Actually hailing from Brooklyn (wink wink), Alex and Simon's kids have been busy being cool and bilingual.

Riley Burruss

Mom: Kandi Burruss from Atlanta

Kandi's daughter, Riley, has grown up quite a bit since her mom first appeared on the show. She's now 13 and regularly Instagramming selfies.

Brielle Biermann

Mom: Kim Zolciak from Atlanta

Brielle, 18, who you may also recognize from her mom's spinoff, Don't Be Tardy, recently showed off pictures of her prom night.

Kairo Whitfield

Mom: Shereè Whitfield from Atlanta

Kairo, who grew into a fine-looking gentleman, graduated from high school last year.

Kaleigh Whitfield

Mom: Shereè Whitfield from Atlanta

Shereè's youngest, Kaleigh, also attended prom this year — as a sophomore! She's just popular like that.

Lexi Ioannou

Mom: Dina Manzo from New Jersey

Back on the first season of RHONJ, Lexi was just a little girl whose mom was having extreme separation anxiety. Now, she's a young woman in college.

Gia and Audriana Giudice

Mom: Teresa Giudice from New Jersey

Gia, the oldest of the Giudice girls, celebrated her 14th birthday in January. She's in school, keeping busy with her girl group, 3TK [7], and an avid Instagram user [8]. Audriana is 5 years old and adorable.

Gabriella Giudice

Mom: Teresa Giudice from New Jersey

Gabriella, aka The Quiet One, is 10 years old now!

Milania Giudice

Mom: Teresa Giudice from New Jersey

Milania, perhaps the most notorious of the daughters [9], is 9 and clearly loves Frozen.

Christopher and Albie Manzo

Mom: Caroline Manzo from New Jersey

The Manzo boys have appeared on their family's spinoff, Manzo'd With Children, and are entrepreneurs. Blk Water, anyone?

Lauren Manzo

Mom: Caroline Manzo from New Jersey

Lauren, who looks fabulous, is set to marry longtime boyfriend Vito Scalia this Summer at — where else? — The Brownstone.

Ashlee Holmes

Mom: Jacqueline Laurita from New Jersey

After clashing with her mother over and over, Ashlee seems to have found her path as a makeup artist. She does YouTube tutorials [10] and is very active on social media [11].

Christine and Jillian Staub

Mom: Danielle Staub from New Jersey

Though their mother is one of New Jersey's most notorious Housewives, Christine and Jillian Staub are remarkably under the radar. Christine still dabbles in modeling, and Jillian will turn 17 in May.

Alexia and Sophia Umansky

Mom: Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills

Kyle and Mauricio's daughters have grown up so much! They recently attended Coachella, where Sophia met Beyoncé [12].

Brooke Wiederhorn and Whitney Davis

Mom: Kim Richards from Beverly Hills

Brooke (née Brinson) got married to Thayer Wiederhorn, the heir to the Fatburger throne, last year, while Whitney recently turned 25.

Kimberly Jackson

Mom: Kim Richards from Beverly Hills

Kimberly (pictured on the right) also attended Coachella and is busy at school, where she belongs to a sorority.

Pandora Vanderpump-Sabo

Mom: Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills

Pandora, whose extravagant wedding [13] we're still drooling over, is now the editor in chief of The Divine Addiction [14], a blogging site.

Max Todd

Mom: Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills

Max, who had a big arc about his birth mother on the recent season of RHOBH, sometimes works at SUR and is busying traveling.

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