Jennifer Lopez suddenly dropped out of the movie Dallas. The much hyped movie has had so many names attached to it as well as multiple directors. Now J Lo is the latest to leave and while some speculated it was due to a possible pregnancy, Page Six reports the reason is that John Travolta is basically a has-been and it sounds like J Lo is too good for the role. We just thought it was funny so enjoy the banter below. Page Six reports:

JENNIFER Lopez isn't saying why she suddenly left the cast of "Dallas" - but an industry insider tells us there are two very big reasons - a subpar script and the less-than-strapping John Travolta, who was to play J.R. Ewing opposite J.Lo's Sue Ellen. "The script sucks," our source says. "And John Travolta? If it had been a man's man like Ed Harris or Tommy Lee Jones . . . but you don't just go from doing 'Hairspray' to 'Dallas.' "