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Rebecca Romijn is Pepper Dennis

Tonight the WB premieres their latest comedy starring former model turned actress, Rebecca Romijn. I used to love her when she was married to John Stamos and then I sided with him when they divorced. Recently she has won me back by just being herself. I liked that she fell in love again and got chubby and didn't care. I also like that she was determined to make the transition in her career from model to actress. Men love her in the X-Men movies and now she is taking on a new role as a hard working newscaster determined to make it to the top. Think Nicole Kidman in To Die For (but not as creepy good) - read more below.

I got a sneak peak at the pilot episode and the best part of the show read more that the entire cast is fun. The sexy new guy is hot, her makeup artist is Lindsay Price from 90210 (can't go wrong there) and Rebecca's sister is played by Brooke Burns. By the end of the hour long show, you want to like Pepper and that, to me, makes a good show. She is also not afraid to get dirty, literally. The show created many scenes where she can show off physical comedy and it's nice to see her dive right into the chance to make a fool of herself. It's a new side of Rebecca and I like it. Besides, her and Jerry O'Connell are starting to grow on me. They look very genuinely happy and cute together. Check out the WB tonight for the premiere.

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