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Reese and Jake - All But Confirmed

Rumors have been flying about Reese and Jake ever since we saw these pics of the two looking a little flirty on the set of Rendition last year. Yesterday our poll showed that you are just as excited about this pairing as we are. Now more details have emerged. According to People, the two have been dating for about two months and are taking things really slow. As much as they are avoiding the press, the two huge stars are hard to miss. An observer spied them "cuddling" and "looking playful" on March 23rd at Il Sole in LA. Here's more:

"In the last month, they've been spending a lot more time together," says a source close to Gyllenhaal, adding that the actor has even met up with Witherspoon, 31, and her kids – daughter Ava, 7, and son Deacon, 3 – in New York City. At 26, he is five years her junior, but "Jake really likes her and isn't at all concerned that she has two kids."

Gyllenhaal's rep had no comment. Witherspoon's rep did not return calls.

Still, Witherspoon isn't rushing into another high-profile Hollywood relationship, says a source close to the Oscar winner. "[Reese] is still very, very hurt by Ryan and it will take a long time to get over that," the source explains. "[But she and Jake] have a mutual interest. They are taking it slow and getting to know each other."

They're obviously pros at keeping the press from getting proof of their not-so-secret relationship. Who knows what they'll do to avoid being photographed together, but, we have a feeling they'll go public with it pretty soon.


Join The Conversation
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
still not sold on them.
rsea rsea 10 years
Rsea well well i bet ryan's not likeing this but i think reese deserves to be happy ryan has put her and her kids through so much...and its only right she moves on....even if its with jake.....i mean jake is cute and all but doesnt really do anything for me...but its not about me its about what reese wants..right...i just hope it all works out and jake makes her happy cuz shes and awesome down to earth girl.....i support their realtionship...GO REESE AND JAKE!!!!!!!!!
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
AWE!!! This makes me warm and fuzzy inside!
doughowlett doughowlett 10 years
Loren, you have no idea what kind of a mom Reese is. How do you know she hasn't been there for her kids everyday since the separation? Some people are far too critical about people's lives they only know from pictures. If Reese wants to date now, she should.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I guess we kind of knew this was true when Reese wanted all cell phone cameras had to be banned from the set. If there's nothing going on then what's there to hide? As long as they're happy then good for them!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
Not to be rude or anything.... jake:who's that on the phone? reese:thats just my baby daddy.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
they both seem cerebral and down to earth
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 10 years
scottdavis0676 I am happy for these two if the rumors are true. Reese has handled her impending divorce with savoir-faire heretofore. I do not see her vilifying Ryan irregardless of whether he cheated or not. Some marriages just implode, plain and simple. She is a classy woman and will find true love again, if not now.
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
I hope it's a yes for these two! Definite upgrade for him!!!
krisua krisua 10 years
Ah! If he makes her happy.. GO!!!
iasc iasc 10 years
I love love love her I know it seems such a cheesy thing to say but she really is so inspirational she has such dignity yet seems fun and happy and pretty and kind and he is adorable she deserves someone who will make her smile! x Iasc
clarinha clarinha 10 years
Lets not forget that Ryan, weeks after the separation was already partying way in Hollywood with some young girls I have to admit, I have never been a big Reese fan, but after her performance in Walk the Line and the way she handled her divorce she really won me over. Others actress should look at her for a good example on how to handle your career and your personal image in Hollywood. Reese in any moment played the victim card, begging the public to fell bad for her, claming how hurt and sad she was, a la Aniston. She put a strong face and, she took responsibility for her actions and handled it like a grown up person. She moved on with her life focusing on her kids and in her career. She lost weight, she in fantastic form and I totally love the way she changed her style. She looks so much better. I wish all the best for her and Jake, he is much better than Ryan.
ruck ruck 10 years
they are so cute.reese is cute Jake is so cool ♥♥
ruthieroo ruthieroo 10 years
I don't think it's fair to be really judgemental at this point. We don't know what life with Ryan was like for her and if Jake makes her feel like smiling again, then I think it's ok. We know she is taking it slow, so I say go for it.
ruthieroo ruthieroo 10 years
Some days it's not even worth chewing through the restraints.
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 10 years
I'm torn on this, because I think they would make a lovely couple. I do think its too soon to be dating again, but I'm not Reese so, enough time might have passed for her. But as long as its just having fun, it could be great for her. Style Before Comfort!
lylian lylian 10 years
Actually, she's merely separated, divorce is NOT FINAL yet. Separation announced around October 30, 06. Now, to my mind, the view that she is free to date from the moment her separation was announced is absolutely right. But you know, there are some crazy people who think that one must be DIVORCED before one can date or it is too soon or something like that.
diva_22 diva_22 10 years
Great. I hope they can both find happiness if this is true.
gatara gatara 10 years
I love Reese and Jake, they make a lovely couple!!!
roor roor 10 years
no ways. i like the two of them separately but not togethether! pls let this be a rumour!
Jessamyn Jessamyn 10 years
Oh I didn't know she's that tiny :D
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
another fake hollywood romance....the list is getting long we have: Tom and Katie John Travolta and whoever he is married to. Fug and Jugs......
Fantasia1 Fantasia1 10 years
it was Ryans lossss :P
misspoli misspoli 10 years
Cute couple!!! ************************************************************* "To be or not to be: That is the question!" William Shakespeare
rwfan rwfan 10 years
they're so cute! love Reese & Jake :D
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