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Reese Witherspoon Arrest Tapes Video

More Outrageous Reese Witherspoon Arrest Videos Emerge — Updated!

Update 2: E! has even more Reese video from the evening. In it, Reese once again talks about being pregnant, saying, "I am pregnant, early pregnant, it's an early pregnancy." On GMA, Reese said that she is not, in fact, pregnant.

Update 1: TMZ has more videos from the night Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth were arrested, including audio of Jim telling Reese, "You wouldn't listen to what he said to do, and you kept getting out of the car. Now you've turned it . . . You just turned it really bad. It was my bad." Watch the new videos on TMZ.

We had a hunch this would leak! The Reese Witherspoon arrest videos taken from the dashboard of the cop car are out, and the people at TMZ got their hands on them. There are three videos in total — one showing Reese getting handcuffed while she fights with an officer about her rights as an American citizen, another where Reese tries to tell the cop that she is pregnant and needs to get out of the car to use the bathroom, and a third where it's mostly Reese's husband, Jim Toth, taking his Breathalyzer test.


It's been quite a big day of news in Reese's disorderly conduct and Jim's DUI cases. Reese talked about her arrest on Good Morning America this week and once again explained how sorry she is about what happened. Reese and Jim also submitted pleas. Reese pleaded no contest and had to pay a fine, while Jim pleaded guilty for his DUI and has probation for a year, community service, and more.

Now, the grainy video taken from the dashboard of the cop car has been released, and you can watch Reese's arrest on TMZ. Just as she described, Reese was clearly worried about husband Jim, who stayed calm throughout. At least after today, Reese can move on with her work, and hopefully she's learned a lesson from this whole ordeal.

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cdelaney cdelaney 4 years
I don't believe her one bit! I've always felt the wasn't who she seemed. Her GMA interview was completely generic and she seemed insincere. She never mentioned in the videos that she was "concerned for her husband" as she claims. Instead, she kept spouting things that were all about her.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 4 years
Wow, what a piece of work. For someone who was supposed to be so incredibly drunk, she was very manipulative when speaking to that second officer. It was like night and day. I guess she is an actor. I certainly wouldn't believe a word she has to say.
Its-a-Wrap Its-a-Wrap 4 years
Forgot to mention how HYSTERICAL these dash cam videos are and Toth for sure has his balls in a jar on her nightstand!
Its-a-Wrap Its-a-Wrap 4 years
If Toth would of killed someone, themselves, Witherspoon or Witherspoon did more to the officer than she did, people would STILL say, "IT WAS JUST A MISTAKE" I like when the "MIGHT FALL"
SoCal12 SoCal12 4 years
It happens to the best of us? Pro drinking and driving and breaking the law! She is an entitled b*tch and I am so very glad this happened to her! No sympathy here!
Mckicks Mckicks 4 years
It happens to the best of us
kissmestupid kissmestupid 4 years
You think the videos show that she was worried about Jim? She never said one word to him and completely ignored his efforts to calm her down. The video showed her drunk and acting like a belligerent 12 year old. Now we see the reason for the interview this morning. But well done, Reese. These videos are pretty damn funny. Perhaps not to her however.
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