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Celebrity Couples
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Cat3 Cat3 6 years
Bikini wouldnt be my choice, but she has a great body, not rock solid, womanly and nice.
mimimmy mimimmy 6 years
jakey this is what you loved?! god I have to quit you! seriously she says she runs an hour a day? then she eats a whole pizza i guess. abs are made in the kitchen! the body is why she bemoans every starlet who poses naked or does nude scenes.
1278368 1278368 6 years
ugly little body, escape from photos!
HeyJude1949 HeyJude1949 6 years
I agree with TJ65, I think she will be announcing her pregnancy shortly. Reese looks happy, good for both of them.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
what kind of special person used the word "losted" above - I can't....anywayz, some strength training would tighten that right up but she looks alright...I've seen a lot worse parading around and they probably didn't give birth twice...put Jessica Simpson in a bikini and we'll see how that goes
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
she's had 2 kids. after the 2nd kid your body is less forgiving. this is what tummies look like after children ladies, even w/ eating right and working out.
sisboomba sisboomba 6 years
She will now confirm her pregnancy
Its-a-Wrap Its-a-Wrap 6 years
Too all her defenders who think she is being harshly criticized. Check out where the pics are coming from. The source is flynet. Research them. Then you will better understand why she is becoming highly criticized. She was never like this until her divorce!
Brangie Brangie 6 years
Why expose herself to all the criticism?! She is not in good shape for a celebrity, so she should wear a whole piece instead of that ugly bikini that shows all of her flaws. Oh well! At least she looks happy.
SoCal12 SoCal12 6 years
Who gives a crap what they both look like. She is overrated, overpaid, fake, a media hound and the BIGGEST SELLOUT in Hollywood! and as far as he goes, he has a bad reputation within Hollywood and needed to cleanup his image to save his job and his a^^!
jojo123 jojo123 6 years
Reese looks like between the 4th of July and now she had a ton of lipo on her flabby gut. It actually looks better.
hlynnef hlynnef 6 years
Fortunately Reese is a strong and stable Hollywood star who does not succumb to comments/criticism that leads to extreme dieting/surgery. She takes very good care of herself physically and mentally. Unfortunately for other stars and young women who are less grounded, comments like these can lead to deadly eating disorders.
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 6 years
I bet she's pissed that her bikini photos came out the same day as Halle's
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Her body is fine the swimsuit is just not flattering. That tattoo is so distracting and I will never understand why she chose to have it on her stomach. Worst. Place. Ever.
jojo123 jojo123 6 years
Her husband has the grossest body ever. Maybe she married him to look better by comparison.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I don't see any problem with her body. At all. Aim those comments at her overbite :)
SleepingSun SleepingSun 6 years
Oh dear lord people you have losted perspective to say she doesn't look good. I'd bet she does look better than most, if not all of you in a bikini. The thing is though that you're not pictured when you hit the local beach and your pictures aren't spread all over the interwebs. Celebrities don't have that luxury and their pictures get spread. And mostly these celebs are spending many, many hours in the gym to look like barbie dolls and we have come to think that those celeb bodies (usually underweight) are somewhat normal. But I raise my glass to you Reese, you look absolutely gorgeous.
1278368 1278368 6 years
She's happy but has an ugly body, better not wear bikinis
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
she looks like a normal sort of in shape woman who's had two kids. i wouldn't wear the string bikini...
smokey1939 smokey1939 6 years
babaloo babaloo 6 years
Lots of harsh comments about a couple of people enjoying the ordinary. Both appear healthy. Some folks in the peanut gallery seem to have a warped sense of reality. Neither one of these folks would be classified unhealthy in anyone's world except those that occupy the unrealistic fantasies of celebrity magazines and blogs.
Its-a-Wrap Its-a-Wrap 6 years
HAPPY? Sure, they are both lining their pocket books with this marriage. Its all business, no love!
sweetas67 sweetas67 6 years
Man everyone is so intense! Both of them look great! And most importantly: HAPPY. So many negative nancys out there.
When-I-Hear-Music When-I-Hear-Music 6 years
Toth, Duuuuuude! Cover up man! Not cool trying to rock the man boobs! Yikes!
Vanonymous Vanonymous 6 years
i think she looks great - happy and healthy! a woman should be able to spend a day at the beach with her family without people telling her to "cover up" because she's not their idea of flawlessness.
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