Renee Zellweger really figured out how to rock that short hair! At first, we were not a fan but she looked adorable on the cover of W with George Clooney and sure looks stunning as the December cover girl of Harper's Bazaar. The actress spoke about how she keeps herself together in this crazy place they call Hollywood. She said,

  • "I'm very proud of myself that I've not been to Betty Ford (Center) yet... Never say never!"
  • Among her career achievements? "Learning what my boundaries are. That I've been able to stay out of the psychiatric wards despite the really bizarre exchanges I have on a daily basis."
  • "I'm not a big scene girl... If I see the scene once a year, that's more than plenty."

Having the current #1 movie and working with the likes of Clooney and Seinfeld sure seem like life could get out of hand but Renee certainly seems to handle things with grace, unlike her famous Bridget Jones character. In the article, which hits newsstands later this week Renee also talks about her crush on Paul McCartney and a perfect night out.