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Rihanna and Chris Back Together — Shocked, Saddened, or Both?

Rihanna and Chris Back Together — Are You Shocked, Saddened, or Both?

People is reporting that Rihanna has wrapped up her vacation in Mexico and is currently secluded with Chris Brown at one of Diddy's homes. The magazine also refers to them as "on again," and that they mutually reached out to each other as events in the case unfolded. As we wait for more details of a possible reconciliation, it's hard to know what exactly to make of this latest news. Tell us — are you shocked, saddened, or both at the prospect of Rihanna and Chris being back together?


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voltages voltages 8 years
There's no way I can't feel both in this situation.
tnequa tnequa 8 years
im back yo let me just answer they question. im bout to get madea on yalllllllllllll im no tsad or shocked im going to make somebody sad and shocked when i say this.rihanna know wat she doin so get off her case before we be in the courtroom testifying over tnequa going to jail for beating community biting their ear off over their shelfish comments
tnequa tnequa 8 years
gurl get yo man back let em hate they messin wit americas best marriage couple duces gurlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
cherrypop cherrypop 8 years
Shocked yet not surprised at all. Sorry to say this, but I think she's just dumb to go back to Chris Brown. Period.
locusthill locusthill 8 years
It is sad to see a young woman in such a situation. I can only remember -- and reiterate -- two sentiments that have been with me a long time. 1. If someone hits you, they don't like you. 2. You are allowed to be a victim once. After that, you are a volunteer. I hope she learns that she is worth so much more than any abusive relationship can offer.
sylvangirl sylvangirl 8 years
While I am not surprised by Rihanna's actions (they are typical for a woman in an abusive relationship), I am horrified about the message this will send to young girls out there. It is NOT okay to be in a relationship where your boyfriend or lover beats you. I am disappointed that Rihanna does not consider what impact her decision has on the young girls who look up to her. I do hope the entertainment industry does more to criticize her choice (as well as condemning and ostracizing Chris Brown for his actions). She should not get magazine covers or articles and awards honoring her achievements if this is the path she takes. I am also horribly disgusted that the black entertainers out there are more concerned about protecting one of their own rather than criticizing Brown. I can't believe Usher went out of his way to retracted his candid criticism of Brown's frolicking so soon after this incident broke. I honestly would like to see Jay-Z call an a lock-out of Brown from the entertainment world. His career needs to end, not continue.
nicklover nicklover 8 years
Is she stupid or just plain dumb? I mean he may be hot, but still! He beat her! If her really loved her that much then nothing should have made him do something like that.
BrennieFrTheRock BrennieFrTheRock 8 years
Looks like Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown all over again...Her career will be over if she heads down the same road with him...unfortunate as she is so talented...for God's sake can someone plz talk some sense into this little girl...
FashionAddict1 FashionAddict1 8 years
I guess she enjoys being beaten up by her bf, what a stupid cow, i have no respect for her any more.
lula29 lula29 8 years
I don't think Rihanna is the poster girl for Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, there are some couples (emphasis on couples, meaning men and women) who don't know how to settle disputes without resorting to violence. I think this is more of case of domestic violence on both ends and both Rihanna and Chris Brown should be signed up for anger management and couples counseling so they can better learn to handle disputes in the future. Rihanna isn't the postergirl for domestic violence, so please stop trying to make her into one. She obviously doesn't want the title so stop forcing on her.
billyart101 billyart101 8 years
Also, the media blows out of proportion so many things...Tom jumping on Oprah's couch, Kelly Ripa and Clay Aiken fighting, and silly things like that. THIS however is a completely appropriate response. Anything that gets people talking about the horrible domestic abuse problem in America is helpful. It's a real issue that is too often ignored. Alcohol doesn't justify this behaviour, whatever she did to him doesn't justify this behaviour, and certainly however common these occurences may be in America doesn't justify this behaviour!
billyart101 billyart101 8 years
Anyone who finds themself in an abusive relationship is probably lacking in any self respect. So, this isn't surprising that she'd feel the desperation to take him back, but that doesn't mean that idiots like diddy and her handlers should be standing around enabling this behaviour! I've lost respect for the whole lot of them.
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
Someone's going to be offended by this... Rihanna's face did not look as bad as people are making it out to be. Sorry, but there are other women out there who's faces are busted with actual black eyes and such and the media is so focused on marks on one side of her face and a swollen lower lip and forehead. In other words, she was backhanded with a hand that most likely had rings on and hit her head on something. In no way shape or form am I condoning violence and abuse whatsoever. However, I have a problem when something is blown out of proportion. We don't know everything that happened in the situation (like what role did alcohol play among other things). They are barely adults and this happens on college campuses across the country. So for them to have 1) talked before actually coming face to face and 2) Chris Brown taking anger management classes, why are we so upset that they are SEEN together? Also, I have a problem with this being labeled domestic violence when we don't know if this has happened before. Plus, I don't see Chris having a real mental hold over Rihanna. I'm sorry but this just doesn't even add up to have so much hoopla behind it.
Pop-Champagne Pop-Champagne 8 years
There are so many stories going on, but: - If the story of him abusing her is true, then it's sad that she is getting back together with him. It shows that she's weak and possibly emotionally unstable. - If the story of her staging her own abuse out of vangence is true, then it's messed up that he'd get back together with her after she tried to ruin his life + career. Either way, it's sad.
Jill-in-NYC Jill-in-NYC 8 years
You get what you settle for. If you settle for an abuser, you get beat up. That's what abusers do. I wonder what she is going to say the next time he beats her up. And he will. I have been on a website where this was discussed and I couldn't believe all the posts from women saying they had put up with this from their husbands and boyfriends. Every one of them said the abuse only ended when they said enough is enough and walked out.
Beccaxox Beccaxox 8 years
i think that Chris Brown is a SCUM and Rhianna deserves Betta she can get any man in thee world y does it have 2 be him!!!!!!! Hes a hurtfull FLIRTING man and u shuld so dump him he dont deserve you rhianna. DUMP HIM DUMP HIM who agrees with Mee. Rhianna you can get any man in the world nd no other man would be so hurtfull like thee SCUMBAG dump him your prettier than u think u can get any bloke take y advise DUMP THEE SCUM GET A NEW BLOKE!!!!!! hope you take my advise rhianna Byeee
Juicylemon Juicylemon 8 years
Duh... she was actually beaten and he wasn't there when the police came. Haven't you read the news or what?
kidcapris kidcapris 8 years
Im not shocked, it's love. There's men and women who get into these situations and stay because they love the other. So what if they had a fight, what relationship don't have fights and arguments, you guys act as if he beat her and left her for dead. Best of luck to Chris and Rihanna.
llllljessilllll llllljessilllll 8 years
um i don't care if we don't know the "whole story." i'm so tired of everyone acting like rihanna might have hit him first so it was ok for him to beat the shit out of her. regardless of what a woman does to you, you DON'T beat her face in. you call the police if it gets physical, but you don't retaliate. when you retaliate, it makes you less of a man and a huge piece of crap. if chris brown continues to make more money than good, upstanding, intelligent, talented people like he was before, i am going to lose all faith in the young people in america buying his stupid shit. oh an it should be noted that honestly, i don't like either of them. i'm not some HUGE rihanna fan only defending her bc she's rihanna.
mod16 mod16 8 years
not surprised at all
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
Well, we still don't know the whole story and ultimately, I believe celebrities have not only the right, but the absolute obligation, to live for their own happiness, not that of the world's. But of course, I am extremely saddened that Rihanna made this decision. It's a decision that so many 'battered' women have made and have lived to regret that decision. I have been dealt many a bad hand in my relationships - but violence is always the last straw.
gossipqueen gossipqueen 8 years
NONE. It's none of our business. I'm probably gonna get trashed by this but it makes sense. There are rumors around that she's not a saint or the poor woman everyone makes her out to be. Her family NOT ONCE trashed Chris Brown. Not once even when he deserved some trashing. There are rumors also that BOTH are a bit on the violent side. This does not justifies his actions but in a private relationship is really NONE of our business. They're young and if they can survive this and become better people. GOOD for them. She's not a terrorized victim and he's not a monster. People make mistakes!
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
Firstly love doesnt hurt. It should be fun, and joyful and you unite together against the bad stuff in the world. When the threat is at home you end it. If she thinks she still wants to be with him after a year of being apart, and him sorting himself out, well ok, but what, a month after it happened!!!!!
niqua230 niqua230 8 years
I am more pissed at the fact that Diddy set-up a meeting place for them to meet! He is allowing Chris to see her and stay at his home! Then Kayne West was telling the audience at storytellers we should give Chris a second chance! Both of them know what he did so why are they helping him! And I know they saw the pictures too! They are making me mad for the fact that they are so lenient on him! It seems no one has stepped out and said what he did was wrong!
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