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OHadeola OHadeola 4 years
excuse me yadiet; you are so ignorant it hurts. Rihanna put chris brown ona restraining order for 2 years. So NOW that she has forgiven him for an incident that occured 3 years ago; you have the nerve to say she can't celebrate the relationship? He clearly mkaes her happy; so she's supposd to hide laughing even though paparrazi are ALWAYS going to be around the celebrity couple? Get real. She distanced herself form chris for THREE years before slowly letting him back in to her life. We all sin - he may be a celberity but untill you judge your mother and family for all the bad thing's they do fuck off about Chris. You don't know him and he hit her ONCE and she also hit him too; and she admitted to instigating the situation. I'm not saying what he did is okay but seriously calm the fuck down. Get over yourselves. Talkign so high and mighty like you're perfecty? I'm sure you have gotten drunk before... does that make you an alcoholic? No. Chris hit rihanna o-n-c-e; and suddenly... he ought to be in hell! Grow the hell up. My dad used to hit my mum. She moved to England and left his sorry ass. Five years on we are a happy family. People change. People learn from mistakes. But most importatnly; people MOVE ON. Y'all are sitting here talking like he beat her and then BEAT HER AGAIN! He's learnt his lesson. So move on and stop focusing on the past, but the present.
Jenny3615458 Jenny3615458 4 years
she need a good therapy !
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
I believe in forgiveness.....if.....there is understanding relative to the particular grievance, and, in the case of celebrity, a public acknowledgement of "wrong" committed, and, in this case, an apology to young girls who role model after Rhianna. From what I see, there was none of this. And Chris Brown even continues his offensive behavior and mouthings. Be careful with your life, Rihanna.
pebbles2077 pebbles2077 4 years
i agree with you yadiet. people act like just because these two can sing, that they arent in a toxic dangerous relationship. my best friend grew up in a household where their father beat their mother in front of them.. today she has major issues with men and is in therapy. rihanna needs to be in therapy instead of a Lakers game with her abuser. if you think its their life, well you have some underlying issues yourself.
yadiet yadiet 4 years
she has no respect for herself as a women. She might of forgave him for their past but celebrating their relationship like this makes it seem to the world that what occured is okay and normal.. sad
Lushmore Lushmore 4 years
Who am I to judge other people? What I preach is live and let live,and I like to practice what I preach.
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