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Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 9 years
I dont care and dont see why ppl should be judging, they sure as heck wouldnt want someone saying the things they say about these ppl being said about them in a bad way, what reason have you to hate her?! any good reason or just a petty ignorant one?, they are both good looking, every one has acne at some point in their face even if it's one lil pimple or whatever, her face isnt bad at all, her body is gorgeous..she's not skinny, thick or fat, she's pretty must the perfect size, beautifully slim, i dont know much about him if it's true good luck and be happy as long as you can, ppl shouldnt get mixed up with her STAGE persona and how she is personally, just like ppl shouldnt judge actors are whoever by a character they play because they cant swear for those ppl. I love Rihanna, she CAN sing,she's sexy, sweet and very versitile musically which i love! since i love all types of music too, ppl should just quit looking and judging ppl at face value when they dont know what goes through others minds personally. What a cute couple, if you can dislike/hate someone for liking someone you dont, you never really liked them in the first beginning or just got issues :D.
EMA3026 EMA3026 9 years
Shia would be ruined for me if he dated HIM, hate HER. I really hope this is just a rumor!!
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
i'd let Shia under my umbrellaa. bhahaha
krisua krisua 9 years
Oh don't match them yet!
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
She doesn't need that now.
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
A Venus leg winner? Wow, that's good. They would look good together. Her foot looks like a mummy's
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
shoulda just left the boot on.. looked better.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
Hearing a lot about Rihanna lately!
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
Totally agree tigerlily! That's funny we both saw that, she was the "Venus" leg-winner wasn't she? With legs like that?!?! :BOSSY:
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
It may be just me but I don't think she has that nice of legs, at all!!!! Yikes, no shape in the calves and I just don't like em.
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
That would be a really weird pairing. He's kind of goofy looking.
any any 9 years
love her and her eyes
Jacqui Jacqui 9 years
i like her but i hate both of these outfits
scoop45 scoop45 9 years
They would be a cuuuuutttttteee couple! Lol
bustacat97 bustacat97 9 years
She has totally stepped up her "look" I loves it!
Blue-Tigerlily Blue-Tigerlily 9 years
Rihanna is a really pretty girl, but she would probably break Shia's heart. He seems too nice..I mean, she seems like she needs a guy with more of an edge. Anyway, that tank dress looks so cute on her! I just wish that she had better legs...she has no knees! just straight thigh to ankle.
theboyslover theboyslover 9 years
every time i think of shia i think of louis stevens...
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
That thing could have came off a long time ago. I think she is trying to linger that little action, so that she can be talked about just a little more by the teenagers. Start walking honey.
Erica-Kane Erica-Kane 9 years
Rihanna stole my man!! Wait until I see her butt on the street.
Vexedlovely Vexedlovely 9 years
I hope they are dating for the cuteness factor alone. (^_^) I can do with out that umbrella song though. I really don't think she sings all that well. But she is a beautiful entertainer.
di_2526 di_2526 9 years
Ebony, Ivory, living in perfect harmony!! J/K. :-) Golly, those two would make an adorable couple. I've been following his carrer for many years and think very highly of him. His mom has done a great job raising this young man. And Rihanna... well, she is a beautiful girl with tons of potential. Love them as a couple!
StayGold StayGold 9 years
hmmm she better NOT be dating shia! i'm planning on ME and him getting married in the near future....haha
totestamron totestamron 9 years
who does this dress, anyone know?
Hollisterbabe01 Hollisterbabe01 9 years
She looks amazing in these pics! i didnt even know that there were rumors that they were dating!
msmoney23 msmoney23 9 years
NOOOO! Don't take SHIA! ;)
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