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Will Rimmel Replace Kate?

Kate may be in a record number of ad campaigns this year but she may be losing one of her brands. Beauty giant, Rimmel is looking to go younger. Kate just turned 33 so in model years that's like ancient. Here's more:

Rimmel has secretly been holding castings for young girls to find a replacement for Kate, who turned 33 this month.

A source said: "Age catches up with everyone—even Kate. But she hasn't been told anything by Rimmel. "At 33 she's getting on in terms of modelling. And she recently moaned about her face, saying she needed Botox. "Rimmel is a range for the younger market so that worried them. Now bosses are looking for younger models who can give the brand a fresh approach. Girls have been contacted in secret."

Lucky for Kate she has plenty of other gigs to fall back on. Besides, Lila Grace would get to spend more time with her mom.


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