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Robert Allegedly Spotted Leaving Leighton's Place — Could Have Happened or Not Buying It? 2010-04-14 08:45:00

Robert Allegedly Spotted Leaving Leighton's Place — Could Have Happened or Not Buying It?

Robert Pattinson has been filming in Europe and just spent Kristen Stewart's birthday weekend with her in Hungary, but this week's issue of InTouch claims that he was recently spotted leaving Leighton Meester's NYC apartment. The magazine alleges that Rob visited her home in the evening, left at 11 a.m. the next morning, and that the duo has been in constant contact ever since. It's plausible that Leighton's already moving on after her split from Sebastian Stan, but Rob, of course, is still linked to Kristen. So, tell us what you think of the story that Rob visited Leighton's place — think it could have happened or are you not buying it?

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MissMariaK MissMariaK 7 years
I would love to see Leighton and Rob together!! They would be such a great couple.!.! So, I hope this story is true...
care0531 care0531 7 years
I don't care about "Robsten" but I don't buy these rumors. Why can't this guy be friends with females????
gd101 gd101 7 years
Is there a picture of this? If not, then I'm not buying it......Ridiculous story!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 7 years
If Rob can be in two continents at the SAME TIME----sure I will buy it.....
Swells Swells 7 years
I'm (honesly) nao buying it....I mean -WTF!!!!
vanzalicious vanzalicious 7 years
absolutely not buying it!! go robsten!
Crystal221 Crystal221 7 years
The poll questions cracked me up, no one knows that his heart belongs to Kristen or if Leighton and Sebastian Stan broke up, neither has actually been's just assumed. For all anyone knows rob and Kristen could just be close friends and their romance only exists in the fantasy of their fans and the press. I'll believe Rob's dating Leighton or Kristen when one of them confirms it or he's seen kissing one of them in public. [well haters like to imagine stories] Huge difference between haters and tabloids. Tabloids make money from spreading rumors, not just about Rob and Kristen but ALL celebs.
della-vaddin della-vaddin 7 years
azh azh 7 years
that would`ve been awesome...
raven1603 raven1603 7 years
As much as I like Leighton on GG, am not buying it at all about her and Rob. Coming from Perez Hilton, it's just pure BS with that guy. Besides, this guy is not a fan of Kristen Stewart so I'm not believing a word coming from that jackass' mouth. Also, why the hate on Kristen here? So what if Rob and Kristen are a couple? I'm happy for both of them and we should just leave them alone coz it definitely shows that they want to be private about it.
Celestina1 Celestina1 7 years
NOO IT'S NOT TRUE!! He was spotted in London yesterday with KS. And for the one's that don't believe it..please search...there are pics of Robsten the April 13th together.
laoff laoff 7 years
Yeah, he was also spotted leaving my house. Pshh
TwiHard4evr TwiHard4evr 7 years
soo not buying it!!
Blue2Love Blue2Love 7 years
Not buying it, slow celeb-news day much? Go ROBSTEN!
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