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guarany guarany 4 years
1278368 1278368 4 years
Kristen deserves better than that. Robert P. is coming to the fore now get to know the real "persona", and is very unpleasant! If he likes men, whether it is with Katy Perry, I dont know!!! This is irrelevant, it is disappointing and pretentious!!
Monica14506575 Monica14506575 4 years
Hope Rob goes out and has a great time. He deserves some happiness after the fiasco of his relationship with the drama queen who betrayed him. Let the Krisbians cut him down but his fans don't believe their lies. If he is with Katy - good for him.
Flowerpopper Flowerpopper 4 years
This is so ridiculous. There were 10 over people with them, including John mayor, who Katy is supposedly dating again. Apparently males can't have have female friends. The tabloids are so disgusting.
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
Rebecca 14526262 , if you would have a sense of humor you would get it but .......
Rebecca14586359 Rebecca14586359 4 years
I don't think Robert Pattinson is into women ("I hate vaginas"). The question is, how long will it take the Twihards to find out?
Monaliza14585765 Monaliza14585765 4 years
Robert Pattinson is a user period.And Katty Perry is a sluth.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Just wait until you hear that the friendship "deepened" and "bloomed" into "something more." mark my words!
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
Just like Stewart always hung out with Taylor Lautner , they are friends ..I find that perfectly legit
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Ca Rob fans just quit using the word butthurt and pressed??LOL I see it everywhere and know who it is!!lol
Aditi8101433 Aditi8101433 4 years
@DiZaAl Fans like you give Kristen fans a bad name,because of you people think that all of us are delusional butt hurt creatures who are hell bent on destroying Rob. Can you please take your ridiculous fan fic somewhere else?
smitty055 smitty055 4 years
Will the real Robert Pattinson please stand up? Well, this is the real Rob! Naked for the world to see. These photos are sourced to x17. They have lots and lots of shots. Far more than 35. Of course they have the money shot. How could they not?. Katy Perry tweeted where she would be. She let it be known that she was having a after party at her house. The house she just purchased around the corner from Rob, according to social media. It seems that she is ready to go public. He does not seem as ready. According to tweeter accounts, Kristen, the dogs and he were spotted in Malibu Saturday. Very interesting!
maael maael 4 years
from the pictures it looks like Rob had a great time last night, good for him! Life is about having fun. who cares what butthut/pressed Kstew fans think tho? They've been spewing hatred and lies about Rob for years. Nothing's cahnged. Let them talk.. The world and general public knows who's messed up in their relationship in the firs place by cheating actions with a married father of two.
Maureen14512125 Maureen14512125 4 years
RP & KP finally proved too traitor. I was very disappointed with the RP, after the promotional period ends BDS 2 he is also to do with the KS (or indeed really just a love story Twilight movie contract only). RP & KP also betrayed the meaning of friendship with KS, especially "KP is a usurper lover", in addition to the RP only concerned himself only to exist he left KS who just started filming. I only pass comment on the extent of the feelings of a woman who was in the ditch for another woman, not as a fan or a Twilight.
bob28 bob28 4 years
Katy perry looks like a drag queen and rob pattinson is such a liar. I hate them both.
DiZaAl DiZaAl 4 years
I don't understand everything points out to Rob and Katy being a couple. Their body language for one. But then I read a comment of one concert goer who says that Katy and Rob were very affectionate at the concert and they even kissed. So I guess this proves that they are together which I have never doubt since their infamous trip to NY. Actually now I think their relationship started way back. But I still don't understand why would Rob date Katy she is not his type.
naline naline 4 years
lol omg can butthurt Kstew Stewart fans stfu please. since when going at concert with your long time friend caused an uproar? It is clear to me now that the Kristen Stewart fans uneducated liars with no logic or substance to support their arguments. They are just desperate to lame excuse for her cheating with a married father.. How pathetic. Its obvious to anyone with half brain Katy and Rob have been friends since forever. Problem is, for the majority of Kstew fans they have brains size of pea. Its not the first time they spotted together lol I remember Kstew fans were acting exact the same way when Rob went to Katy's movie premiere last year.. They tried embarrassingly and failed every freaking time. Oh well, let them talk, they'll slap in the face by the truth once again lol Anyways... I'm glad to see Robs smiling.. I'm glad how much it kills haters to see him smiling. lol
tresbien tresbien 4 years
weren't her and taylor swift friends before she dated john mayer? just saying!
Tona14582514 Tona14582514 4 years
it makes me sick to see katy perry and rob pattison together, she was suppose to be friends with Kristen stewart, does katy know definition of friendship. I can't stand katy or Rob. same on them both. I hope Kristen finds someone who cares for her. I hope she becomes more successful the both of them. you go Kristen be happy free, date enjoy your life. you are youg. Rob and Katy can bite the dust.
Evelyn14582212 Evelyn14582212 4 years
Diane14582032 Diane14582032 4 years
I am glad that Rob has a friend he can hang around with while the media talks about Stewart and him. Rob needs to find a classy, mature and trustful woman he can give his heart to. It is sad that so many young people can look up to Stewart and not see the real picture. You go Rob and have some fun!!
charli6 charli6 4 years
or maybe its the other way around because while kristen was in london filming he didnt stick around to support her and thats where hes from no hed rather stay in l.a. and hang around katy. sure kristen made a mistake a big mistake i admit but in any relationship it takes two to tango kristen was only 19 when she got together with rob and technically her second boyfriend she had no experience with your eyes rob is flawed just like the rest of us. dont act so high and mighty thinking kristen is not good enough for him he obviously didnt think so when he was starting with twilight and had to promote a movie.
charli6 charli6 4 years
how predictable and sad:( he has a pattern. he did the same thing to nikki reed...left her in the ditch and went after kristen. or maybe its always been katy but they were never single at same time but now that they are perfect timing i guess. plus kristen is going through a tough time with her career so rob is all of a sudden not interested anymore. wow! i was one of those who got duped thinking hes a good guy or maybe he is he just sucks with women.
Daria14581837 Daria14581837 4 years
Looks like he had a great time. Good for him! and lol @marieabc on a scale of 1 to 10 how pressed are you? lol these anger.. You psycho Kstew stans are getting more and more crazier each day. Kstew dumped him? LOL yeah that's why almost every freaking article said Rob couldnt get over the HER CHEATING SCANDAL. trust issues was the main reson ect etc. Dont you think If It was other way around her publicist would let them use her scandal again? I mean come on.. flops? lol because Kstew's indies are huge success? lmao. Otr bombed at Bo. and critically. and before you cling onto swath.. It was a blockbuster, action genre.. with a strong cast. so lets cut the crap on how people went for kristen when her other movies have been flops. and lastly loling on how you cling onto this katy thing so desperately. Its obvious they are friends, they are not going to stop living their life because of crazies like you. But I know why you Kstew psychos are mad. Its burns you up that after alll the efforts for years to making him bad guy... ''July'' slapped hard you on your faces.. so yeah stay pressed
Lou14575940 Lou14575940 4 years
in these pics, it looks like Rob has a hard time keeping his pants up. Is it just me or is his backside looking a little wide now. Perhaps Katy likes it that way. LOL
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