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Sarah14410475 Sarah14410475 4 years
Hey maybe one of those Twihards was Marilyn of comment 1..
Sarah14410475 Sarah14410475 4 years
LOL at the two Twihards stalking them through the crowd.
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 4 years
what I meant downgrading the way she dressed herself not downgrounding.
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 4 years
Birds of the same feathers flocked together.Did you see her friends how the dressed themselves either she infected them or she was the one got infected.Kristen think by downgrounding the way she dressed herself she became humble,unhollywood and genuine too bad a big misconception on her part.
Marilyn3397380 Marilyn3397380 4 years
Sorry, yesterday I wrote a comment that look like a testament and I guess that today I will do the same thing. Yesterday I comment that I wouldn't saw any photo of Rob and Kris be happy, smiling faces, and neither I would saw any photo that show me the first kiss when Rob came back from Australia and neither when he get back with Kristen. Okay I understood that, or understand that in one occasion non Kris nor Rob they will be together as a couple because both were signed a contract after the Saga of Twilight ending. The Saga was finished, and then both were broke their relationship through the problem or mistake that Kris was commit. Okay, both was try in September to get back as a couple but that don't function. On January of February he traveled to Australia to film a movie. And now he came back and he and Kristen are still together like is nothing happened between them. But fine, I will wait until someone post a picture where Rob and Kris are being holding their hand, or he put his arm at the shoulder or waist of Kristen, or seen both kissing. Anyway, that I concern today is about Kristen Stewart wear, what are she wearing at Coachella Festival or whatever: when I saw the famous photo so happy because the tittle of the article said that Rob and Kris enjoy themselves at Coachella, I hope to see different photo, that I expected. And when I saw was Kristen wore, OMG I can't believe the photo or picture that I would see. Kristen recently you would got back with Rob in a new intent to get back with your relationship, and you know that Katy Perry in one time was Rob best friend and Rob would be the shoulder that she cry on. Now the same girl said to you that if you leave him, she will gonna do everything to conquer or steal your boyfriend, the man that most you love in your life. So, you know that Katy Perry like to wear fashion clothing (she have rare tasting) but anyway she always its clean, look with her hair do and clean and that things are that a man look in a woman. Kris if you don't want to lost your man, PLEASE stop wearing: wearing clothing with a lot of holes (like the t-shirt that you used yesterday at Coachella), take all your clothes that being with hole (except the jeans), without color, and please stop to use Robert clothes and underwear, I know that you did that because in that manner you feel that you are near of him, but stop). You are so pretty and a beautiful woman and you know about the fashion, how to wear in different places; I understand that at Coachella everybody wear casual or sport clothes, but that will be in wearable status, nor like your looks like a beggar. You have the same problem that I have with the hair, our hair is so greasy and only will have at least mid-day that looks fine and the rest of the day or week its look like if you don't wash it; look dirty, but the really are that you have a greasy hair. Ok I understand that but you will do a bride or a ponytail or a buns or something in your hair. So my dear I love you like if you were been my little daughter (I have the enough age to be your young mother) and it's not just fair that for that simple thing you lost the most man that you love in your life, he its with you now, but you don't know where are he going or what he gonna see. Be beautiful for him, you will wear fashion casual and/or sports clothes but in good or wearable condition, and look amazing.....Good luck......and I apologize with you if that disturbing sorry....but I need to tell that.....For Robert Pattinson, and his love put more emphasize on what you look and how you treat one of your fans #1 of Robsten......
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