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Nancy2557818 Nancy2557818 5 years
Robert and Kristen look so happy together,they fit together so well,you can tell they really love each other I wish them both the best in all they do and wish them a wonderful happy life together forever. JUST LOVE THEM BOTH!!!
mystycat mystycat 6 years
they do appear to enjoy each other. I feel kind of like a spy, or a vulture, always wanting to see more pictures of them. they seem so relaxed and comfortable in each others company. It's quite attractive... yumm
Meggie28 Meggie28 6 years
I just don't get this couple. She always looks repulsed by him. It's kind of embarrassing to watch.
jesusmorales jesusmorales 6 years
They are an adorable couple.
yortystewart yortystewart 6 years
OMG kristen's blushin' so much I LUV HER ..!!
Fany17 Fany17 6 years
great couple!!
Fany17 Fany17 6 years
they are amazing!!!
kristencro kristencro 6 years
Well, this is a proof...althought there was no kiss, but rob wouldnt go in just like that. Obviosuly she likes her private life, but seems a bit rude to just blow him off like that. But whateva, who knows what they agreed to and not to do in public. not my business at all. Just wanted to say that her not being on red carpet isn't surely her idea. We "normal" people just can't imagine how big the machinery standing behind this movie is...publicity is their main tool, and it must be about rob, reese and their chemistry, no rob and kristen or anything connected to that. Just remember when kristen walked remember me red carpet, everybody wrote about that, so they know now...but it seems kind of stupid that she tried to stay low, and then this photos appear and no purpose then of her not showin on matter, me happy to see photos...and kristen looks so cute being embarrased :)
jackiered jackiered 6 years
Call me jaded but wonder if this relationship is real or just all about PR? It may be true love forever or just ridiculous Hollywood promo for Twilight. Time will tell. In the meantime, they are a cute couple - real or not.
ninaluxxe ninaluxxe 6 years
I agree with #40 !! They might be a little bit tipsy---well, Rob might be.. LOL .. He pulled a 2010 MTV Movie Awards on her. Kristen was caught by surprise--too bad she didn't just go with it. Still, I understand that she didn't want the whole world to see them kissing. Imagine if she went on with it, soon gossip sites will be posting that their romance is all PR because they flaunt it in public..blah blah blah...
Malorie Malorie 6 years
Happiness brings them so close for this date night... Kristen shy, but wants privacy with Rob, cant blame her or even Rob wantiing to show her off witha kiss for the evening.... what a cute couple...=) with these to you can say "forever" but only knows love is worth having it together..
cosmo3 cosmo3 6 years
They are so cute together!! Rob looks happy that's what matters!! Great pics...Can't wait for WFE!!!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 6 years
To some of you: Kristen is totally into it. Can you not see the way she touched him just seconds before this? They are in LOVE.
amapola026 amapola026 6 years
I'm so very happy for them, its really about time
Pampire Pampire 6 years
Lucky girl! ;)
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