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gpazg gpazg 4 years
You guys missed when he went visit her at the Montreal set of On the road in 2010. Also important, when kristen and Rob spent a few weeks in London for 2013 New Years Eve.
Daigny3006486 Daigny3006486 5 years
In my opinion, why not shoot Robert but he has to know how long it lasted (how long it was wrong) is that he himself was really wrong. Is it a right to know everything before giving the answer to Kristen loved and had lived with him a fairy tale as the fans say she would not have gone to another man.Anyway if there is one true Love between them is rather forgiving Robert Kristen and she has to promise him it will not recur and be honest in telling what really happened if he trusts it all will be bad and no one will ever forget of what happened.'' what happened is you have my doubts'' (To See in the Pictures that Are Not Mounts Portrais But has A History of these Photo Torso So True To what You Robert & Kristen get right And Fernte it To be Very Happy. of Kisses some of their fans -> Daigny <-
Daigny3006486 Daigny3006486 5 years
Na minha opniao, não tiro a razão Robert ele tem sim que saber quanto tempo isso durou (quanto tempo ele foi enganado) si é que ele foi realmente enganado. É um direito dele saber de tudo antes de dar a resposta mais se a  Kristen amasse e tivesse vivido com ele um conto de fadas como os fãs dizem ela não teria ido procurar outro homem.Enfim se há um AMOR  verdadeiro entre eles Robert tem sim que perdoa a Kristen e ela tem que prometer a ele que isso não vai se repetir e ser sincera ao contar o que realmente aconteceu se ele confiar nela tudo dará certo más nunca e ninguém vai esquecer do acontecido.''si é que aconteceu tenho minha duvidas'' (Nas Fotos Da Pra Ver Que Não São Montagens Mas Portrais Dessas Foto Tem Um Historia Verdadeira Então Torso Para Que Vocês Robert&Kristen  Se Acertem E Daqui Pra Fernte Sejam Muito Felizes. Beijos De umas de suas Fãs    -> Daigny <-
Denise3006209 Denise3006209 5 years
i call bull on rob. for a 26 yr old man he acted like a 16 yr old high school kid running to his business friends  personal  friends  actress friends  and mommy and daddy. i thought he was more mature than this but i guess not any man would have stayed and talked it out with the woman that he loved for 4 years as he so let on like he did and he would have got to the bottom of everything and the neither would have given her a second chance as we all deserve them now a days or he would have ended it if not. instead he tucks his tale and runs to mommy and daddy and everyoe feels sorry for rob, well there are always two sides to a story and because he was never caught does not mean a thing  this just shows the true colors of rob and i am disappointed in him
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
I am glad to see a group of comments on this topic without the usual Slut and Whore monikers written all over the place.   I don't know what or when happened to Kristen's love for Rob, but by viewing these pictures one can see that she was most definitely very much in love with him, sincerely, deeply and truly---that is not being faked.
1278368 1278368 5 years
I mean I love Kristen, more now that she needs friends, always thought she could not handle much pressure, I hope she get well, do not judge with cruelty Kristen she is very young. Force Kristen!!!!!
1278368 1278368 5 years
I mean I love Kristen, but now that she needs friends, always thought she could not handle much pressure, I hope she get well, do not judge with cruelty Kristen she is very young. Force Kristen!!!!!
NickyV NickyV 5 years
I never believed that their relationship was played "straight" down the line. The only problem here is she got caught with a married man. I'm just guessing here, I think there is genuine affection between them both but this has never been conventional relationship.
vittoa vittoa 5 years
really ... I think a simple trade the scandal .... Why Kristen gives statements to magazines that reputation, because never has given and also the photos that do not realize? ... are false! I believe in the evil trade
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
way out of the fake relationship? maybe...why involve someone with kids? I did read a blind about a fake couple that can't wait until they can "break up" publicly and be seen with their real bf/gf - they were the top choice...who knows - either way I'm looking forw to BD2
1278368 1278368 5 years
Kristen I love you, I knew she would take the initiative to end the farce!!
1278368 1278368 5 years
Are you crazy shut up .... this was the way out of this relationship false and ill, she saw that  was being photographed and did not flinch, she did it because he wanted ...... GO KRISTEN, I the respect more now!!
bugsbrat bugsbrat 5 years
very sad state of affairs :(
Zillah2320475 Zillah2320475 5 years
Kristen is bulls**t,slut,home-wrecker & wh**e! 
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