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I love Rob and Kristen. I hope they are really together. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
Aw... so sad. Cheering up a sad guy is just like making quick muffin mix... just add WATER. :cheer: Dehydrate that b*d and REPEAT. :)
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
can't's almost time :)
Honey2380 Honey2380 5 years
I love Rob and Kristen can't wait for BD♥:)
pm0407 pm0407 5 years
Always great to see new pics of him!
tufenuf55 tufenuf55 5 years
Thanks to everyone. My faith in Rob and Kristen has been restored. I have GOT to try harder not to buy into negative comments. I do pretty good but every once in a while, in the process of reading great comments about them, a negative pops up. Whew!!! The world is right again.
raymonde11 raymonde11 5 years
Maybe Rob had to come home to their dog "bear".They are experts at avoiding annoying photographers. It is about keeping what is important to you yours, as one has said before!
karenenselay karenenselay 5 years
Good defense counter argument fellow R/K fans. Right, get a grip #3 maybe you should widen your radars so you'll not worry a lot. Maybe this is just the 1st of many visits, or, the first documented visit! They are stealthy and expert ninja lately. Oh, the joy of knowing what they'll do next! :D
Marabelle Marabelle 5 years
Rob and Kristen were seen together a lot while Rob was in London and even papped leaving Bumpkin restaurant in Notting Hill, albeit separately. They attended a christening together where Rob served as the godfather to Tom Sturtidge's sister's infant son. There are fan pictures of Kristen standing outside the Sturridge family home at the afterparty with Marcus Foster, Eddie Redmayne and Arthur Sturridge. Another night, Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller hung out at the Groucho Club with Rob and Kristen. Then there's the night at the pub where a fan was lucky enough to get a picture with Rob but said Kristen declined posing. This past weekend, they had a romantic dinner at Bumpkin restaurant as witnessed by the owners of the restaurant and a young fan who saw them kissing in the street near the restaurant. There is a pap picture of Rob leaving the Cow pub after a few fans took to twitter to say they saw them there with some friends. Later that evening, Rob was papped coming out of the pub carrying Kristen's backpack. Kristen and others most likely used a different exit while Rob distracted paps. Stating that Rob spent no time with Kristen while in London is a complete lie and lazy reporting from the writer of this piece.
Jamiestest Jamiestest 5 years
Oops I meant Dear tufenuf.... lol
Jamiestest Jamiestest 5 years
Dear I heart S u g a r, Have no fear Rob and Kristen ARE THE REAL DEAL!!! He went over there Because he Missed and LOVES his GIRLFRIEND....Not because Summit ordered him too ( That's what all the Haters wants you to think as well) They spent Loads of time together many peeps have reported seeing them together Hugging and Kissing... They are just better dodging the Paps.... He will go see her again... she's busy filming and maybe he has something he has to do... They talk and text and I'm sure Skype.. These two are in it for the Long haul... Love at first sight and all... Can't wait til they elope and have babies!!!
teapot12 teapot12 5 years
lol. tufenuf have you been reading ted casablanca's board? many of the rumors about rob and kristen start there. if they were over why would he take her to the christening of his godchild? as for them not being spotted out, it was all over twitter that they were spotted.
tufenuf55 tufenuf55 5 years
I'm freaking out. Rob doesn't have any commitments in LA that we know of. Why not stay and give moral support to Kristen. Please, Please do not let the rumors be true that they are not together; that he went over to London just so paps could get pics of them to promote movie. Don't want to believe it but who knows?!
LiveLoveKstew LiveLoveKstew 5 years
there were pictures of them in london leaving a restaurant couple days ago. not photographed together, but they did leave from the same place :)
ilanac13 ilanac13 5 years
i wish that we saw pictures of them together at some point but i guess i'm not surprised that we didn't. i loved the trailer (big surprise there) and i can't wait until november. it's just not fair that we do have to wait so long
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