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Robert Pattinson Moves Out (Video)

Video: Rob and Kristen Move Out — Will Their Love Survive the Cheating Scandal?

Robert Pattinson has reportedly moved out of the home he shares with Kristen Stewart in the wake of her admission and apology for cheating. Hear how he's doing, and the latest on Kristen, in this PopSugar Rush.

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Dawn2989946 Dawn2989946 4 years
i hopd that all of tis nosnse passed aready!! She did not sleep with this person..everyone get over it !!!    
Sharon3005816 Sharon3005816 4 years
We all do stupid things in life,i truly hope they can  get this behind them,they are so perfect together  and they love one another,so i want back together...................
Amy2412896 Amy2412896 4 years
"Just plain sucks. It had to end sooner or later, but it just sucks that she could think she could be so blantantly deceptive....Kinda ruins the " men are pigs" thing..."
bethr78 bethr78 4 years
Not everyone is perfect but is it because she is a woman who cheated the issue?  I know the issue is she cheated and yes making out with a guy in a car in broad daylight is the stupidest thing a person could do.  All people make mistakes and some relationships come out on the other side stronger and better than ever  look back at David & Victoria Beckham he cheated with the nanny and look at them today.  She is young and made a huge crazy mistake not one that should be taken lightly but also one that can be forgiven if he truly loves her and her him they can make it through this.  I really hope the press will give them space and leave them be to work this out personally between the two of them and I do hope they like Becks come out stronger and better than ever.    
one-moms-advice one-moms-advice 4 years
I truly understand what both kids are going through. It is difficult to regain the other's trust once it has been violated. But,it's not impossible. It does'nt make Robert weak or mean he's easily manipulated. Forgiveness is for his sake,not for hers.Time will tell, the healing for both is needed.  I also understand that the house in L.A. is Roberts,not Kristens.So I'm sure he'll be back home sometime.
Grace-Hitchcock Grace-Hitchcock 4 years
 @KarKarB24 I seriously don't know! What do you think?? Men are so prideful that I have a hard time believing that he'd be ok with it... but at the same time, she seems remorseful, so maybe they can move past it? One thing is for SURE, this makes me really glad that I'm not in the public eye and have never been in a cheating situation!
1245013 1245013 4 years
I truly hope they are getting through this and the media leaves them alone to do so! I will always support both of them and wish them all the happiness together or separate! 
Madison2990209 Madison2990209 4 years
I find that Rob deserves more than getting cheated on. The couple fitted extremely well together, but I find that Kristens' apology was more toward sorry she got caught. She would have continued seeing Rupert if she had not gotten caught. 
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 4 years
 @Tereses24 I completely agree :( It will take time whether or not they get back together- they definitely need space right now :/
ktc71 ktc71 4 years
Some of these comments amaze me.  "If he truly cares for her he will forgive her"...ummm, if she truly cared for him they wouldn't be in this situation in the first place!    So Kristen apologized...I think she is more sorry that she got caught. 
Tereses24 Tereses24 4 years
I think there gonna be out of the public eye for awhile..separate from eachother might be awhile before we get ANY sort of pic of them together. But I think he might forgive her you can tell he is so inlove with her..just sucks that they have been getting so good at being more open with their relationship and now this happenes..gonna be another 4 years before they show any sort of affection..I feel so bad
Tereses24 Tereses24 4 years
@Assistant Community Manager @KarKarB24
ktc71 ktc71 4 years
If she was "madly in love" she wouldn't have cheated. 
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 4 years
 @KarKarB24 I seriously don't know! What do you think?? Men are so prideful that I have a hard time believing that he'd be ok with it... but at the same time, she seems remorseful, so maybe they can move past it? One thing is for SURE, this makes me really glad that I'm not in the public eye and have never been in a cheating situation!
Kat Kat 4 years
 @Tereses24 Well put! I feel the exact same way.
KarKarB24 KarKarB24 4 years
 @Grace Hitchcock do you think they'll stay together after this?
qteepie qteepie 4 years
He needs to leave her ass. Cheating is cheating. He does not need to get past anything. I'm sure he had plenty of oportunity to cheat but didn't because its wrong. If it was anyone else you guys would be saying shame on her and leave him blah blah but since its kristen you guys are letting it slide. I guess your boyfriend can cheat on you one time as long as its a "mistake". GTFOH. You cheat , bye bye.
Tereses24 Tereses24 4 years
I seriously hope they get through this..I think they just need their own personal space right now. If he truly cares about her he will forgive her. But I hope they get the privacy they deserve. We all make mistakes. Wishing them the best.
bethr78 bethr78 4 years
I feel the same way we are all young and do stupid things, I truly hope they can get past this as well.  They both seem so perfect for and madly in love with one another.  
Grace-Hitchcock Grace-Hitchcock 4 years
This is crazy! 
Karli-Mullane Karli-Mullane 4 years
I truly hope they can get past this! We've all been young and made mistakes, and we've all been hurt at some point, too, so perhaps Kristen can learn from this and help Rob heal!
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