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1278368 1278368 4 years
Your career will survive?? He has no talent!!!
CoMMember13631181200179 CoMMember13631181200179 4 years
The party lasted only till 2 a.m.? That's no party.
Monica14506575 Monica14506575 4 years
I am so glad to see Rob moving on with his life without the Twilight and girlfriend drama. He appears to have alot of friends in Hollywood and his fans look forward to seeing his future movies.
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 4 years
So the guy throws a party for this producer friend on his b-day ...?? ,,, And this is major news because ? celebrities have parties all the damn time , and it never got this sort of press , but then the press it's getting is mainly from gossip blogs . I don't know why these idiots are trying to turn this man's life into some over dramatic reality show . I doubt he planned it all by himself , and i also doubt he knows most of these people that did show up , so still don't get the obsession , specially from these gossip sites/blogs . And what really irk me the most is this "Gatsby " theme party nonsense , and again we have all of these moronic gossip host all talking, after a while they all start to sound like a bunch of chicken squawking and cackling , all of them repeating the same nonsense like they know what conversation Robert had with Leo , and oh .. let's throw Kristen name in the mix for added drama , that should get all of the haters out of their holes and start squawking and cackling , and regurgitate the same old nonsense too ... Really isn't time for this whole thing to be over the party was fun , people had fun. Kristen was still out of town , so let's not go crazy here ,be careful one of these days your heads might blow up from too much hysteria over these two .. who by the way are ignoring this whole drama .... and i doubt Pattinson is interested in this ridiculous 50 shades nonsense !
deetssss deetssss 4 years
Kristi14470931 has no clue what she's talking about. Non-US citizens can both buy real estate and get driver's licences. In Rob's case, he purchased the home through a trust of his, but foreign individuals can purchase homes in their own names as well, though most mortage companies require larger down payments from non-US citizens, to discourage the foreign mortgage borrowers of defaulting on their loans without recourse. You are an idiot.
charli6 charli6 4 years
will the real robert pattinson please stand up? people need to realize that his life has changed and that he has changed either that or he's always been like this and he just created a different image when he was promoting twilight. remember what nikki reed said...he's a good storyteller. nothing wrong with rubbing elbows with people from the industry. everyone needs to do this once in a while this is how movies get made and this is probably the life that he has always wanted.
Kristi14470931 Kristi14470931 4 years
Ok lets get it straight that house is NOT Robs he cant own a home he is not a citizen, its his his friends home. Non citizens cant own homes or have licences even celebs they have to follow the same laws we do. Im sorry but i kind of think someone else threw that party and Rob had a hand in it. He has stated that hes not the type of person for mansions or luxary cars in an interview. Why would he throw a star studded party anyway when hes been trying to stay out of the media lol.
Aunu1 Aunu1 4 years
oh Robert, please pull your damn pants up. UGH. I really loathe that look.
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
Some people should grow up ! I'm a Kristen fan but I still love Rob and wish him well.It's not your life but their lives so respect their choices and stop the hate.Happy to see you Rob!
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
Seriously if you are a Kristen fan hating Rob or if you are a Rob fan hating Kristen you both should be ashamed of yourself!!! because these two even if they split up they respect each other and maybe still love each other why can't you do the same and stop the insult and bullying??you know you can love them both together or separately and stop taking sides please.
1278368 1278368 4 years
Robert is an asshole, flatterer. His career will survive the his total lack of talent???? He tries yourself stand out at what can!!
Daria14581837 Daria14581837 4 years
You psychopath KSTEW fans need to stop obsessedly posting lies about him. I know you all are extremely butthurt and acting like a scorned woman but damn It's getting more and more pathetic every day. Too bad no one important gives a f*ck about your deluded stories about him. While these KSTEW fans are sending their hate miserably behind computer screens, Rob is out there enjoying his life.. Now, that's KARMA ;)
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