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Video: See Robert Pattinson's Guys' Night Out at a Bar . . . With Lindsay Lohan?

Robert Pattinson met up with a group of guy friends at LA hot spot Pour Vous on Wednesday night. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan was at the same bar for the evening, but it's unclear if the two stars mingled inside. Check out Rob's cute casual look as he headed home.

aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
so what if Kristen and Ron don't date anymore. She will find someone alse and he will to. 
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
Rob is not brain dead, desperate or on hard drugs so no, he wasn't "with" her...probably wasn't anywhere near her despite what she'd like for you to believe
Amanda-Akay Amanda-Akay 5 years
This had better not be true!!!!
ladyquinzy ladyquinzy 5 years
Really wondering why Rob gets papped everytime he is with these guys.First he was seen with them & Sarah Roemer now he's with them again & now he's rumored partying with Lindsay Lohan.Shouldn't Rob be alarmed with the company of these guys? Something doesn't sound good with their company. Seems they give alerts for papz to know they're with Rob & where they are. hmmmm
alexsa21 alexsa21 5 years
Wow! ROBSTEN FANS ARE SERIOUSLY F*(*ING INSANE! get a grip! Robsten are still together!!! ( I believe) BUT!!!!! Like all relationships, they might break up one day, and if they do you might wanna jump off a roof or something, and I will not stop you.
alexsa21 alexsa21 5 years
Wow! ROBSTEN FANS ARE SERIOUSLY F*(*ING INSANE! get a grip! Robsten are still together, i think LOL BUT!!!!! Like all relationships, they might break up one day, which means you might wanna jump off a roof or something, if that ever happens and I will not stop you.
Nelva-Maria2534966 Nelva-Maria2534966 5 years
I don't see any evidence that Robert is aya gone with Lindsay, i also do not think that the fix in this class of girls, why they love invent nonsense? Perhaps you have pictures of Rob kissing or somehow romantic with her.
Haslinda2504767 Haslinda2504767 5 years
bullshit..!! do you expect me to believe that... feel sad & sorry for Rob,,,poor guy..never a moment alone. and i sorry about Lindsay..but i think she is the worst person to be associated with..!! sorry..
Saphire1231 Saphire1231 5 years
OMG - as you report  - "It is unclear if the two stars mingled"....  Why do you report in such a way as to plant a seed that Rob was with the Lohan disaster.... Rob is not at all a womaniser and it is disappointing to see your mag/tabloid reporting in this vein to garner sales.... cos lets face it.... the sensationalism, inuendo and down right gossip mongering is what you guys sell your publication on.  Oh for a return to honest juournalism... it was once such a great vocation... now it is reduced to sleezy, distructive rubbish.
Tuscany7 Tuscany7 5 years
Dear PopSugar, When you post and tweet headlines like this, you show your true colors.  It's strange because you go so far out of your way to cultivate a relationship with the Twilight/Rob and Kristen fandom, and then you try to stir up drama by insinuating that Rob was WITH Lindsay Lohan.  *massive eye roll*   I guess it's a good thing that The Hunger Games has come along, because you really are starting to lose a lot of credibility with a large portion of our fandom.    I understand you are a gossip website, but would it hurt to do some fact checking?  Or maybe rise above the slim that is TMZ, Perex and X17 and just say, "Robert Pattinson's Guys' Night Out at a Bar."  By adding that question mark after Lindsay Lohan's name, you mislead and misconstrue the events of last night.  Anyone in journalism would know that…   I hope the extra hits on your website are worth it.  
CG CG 5 years
Also, I hope Rob had fun last night.
CG CG 5 years
Can't wait to see Bel Ami!!!
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