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Red-High-Heels Red-High-Heels 6 years
it was surprisingly a good movie!
Nancepantsbotwin Nancepantsbotwin 6 years
I think the film looks fantastic, but I do fins Reese a little dull in some roles.
mksb mksb 6 years
saw the movie. not disappointed. pattinson is eye candy for every age and he can act too. beautiful cinematography. okay adaption of the novel. tai was awesome.
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 6 years
Can't wait to spend two hours with Reese and Rob!
hlywdlvr hlywdlvr 6 years
I want to see this movie!
kristencro kristencro 6 years
in half hour goin to watch WFE...can't w8 :))
jackiered jackiered 6 years
he sizzles--she fizzles.
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