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Round Up of Celebrity Weekly Magazine Covers February 11 2009

Which Magazine Will You Be Picking Up This Weekend?

This Valentine's Day weekend is a long one for some of us so that means more time to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. Us Weekly has stories from Rihanna's friends about her past with Chris Brown while Star has the scoop on Jennifer Aniston's taped messages from Brad Pitt. OK! dishes on Jessica Simpson's new diet and InTouch has an exclusive interview with the recently rehabbed Tara Reid.

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hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 8 years
Ha! I totally knew that when Jessica Simpson said she "loved her new curves", in a couple of weeks we would see a magazine cover about her losing the weight, and here it is! And no I will not buy it.
mariejoeyjacobs mariejoeyjacobs 8 years
agostopr agostopr 8 years
None of them.
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
Well, none. Anything I'm interested in I can read about here on pop :P
helloimkaren helloimkaren 8 years
I guess I'm the only one interested un Jessica losing weight. Haha not that I care if she does, I'm just curious on her diet plan.
audrina audrina 8 years
None of them. I'm not interested in any of them.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
im just going to browse all of them if work gets slow... best thing about working retail lol
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Us Weekly even though I'm sure it won't offer anything insightful about Rihanna/Chris Brown.
sayhk sayhk 8 years
there should be another option: NONE! lol at Star mag! Poor Jen made a comment and now tabloids are making stupid stories! they all have moved on...get a life!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i already read OK so i know the story that they have in the magazine, so i'm going to vote for the jen/brad one. it's always interesting to see what they are going to dig up with this couple, since it's been soooooo long since they broke up
yayi yayi 8 years
NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!I am going to pick up People magazine.
LUV29 LUV29 8 years
The comment Jen made is not biting her in the a**, she said what she did and it was taken out of context. Poor magazines they have to make a living off her, and alot of other celebs including Brangelina, Tomkat n all. Get a life people.
crazyana crazyana 8 years
US weekly! team RiRi
SUMMER285 SUMMER285 8 years
OF COURSE I'M GOING TO GET THE STAR MAG., I want to know what Brad said in Jen's tapes!
None of them but I love how the comment Aniston made bit her in the buttocks like I knew it would. I also knew it the way she said it sounded weird.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Why isn't there a "None of them" option?
mollybaby mollybaby 8 years
hahaha gee wonder why
mod16 mod16 8 years
i love how no one so far cares about how rehab saved tara's life
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