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When-I-Hear-Music When-I-Hear-Music 6 years
@ TJ65 Thanks for the biggest laugh today! Agree! I needed it! ;-)
sisboomba sisboomba 6 years
Does anyone ever think that Reese had alot to do with the divorce and it just wasnt Ryan? I feel he has gotten all the blame for this divorce and Reese has not been held accountable at all! In everyone's eyes, she is poor little Reese who was cheated on by Ryan Phillippe!!! Ava and Deacon will be fine. There are many homes that have divorced parents and everyone and everything works out. In the celeb world and in "our" world. Staying together for the kids doesnt work anymore for anyone involved. Ryan is a very, very good father. To me he is more real then Reese. I truly believe that this marriage she enterned in to is nothing more than a ploy to attempt to salvage a career that is not there anymore. She is a control freak in every aspect of her life, she is a SELLOUT in Hollywood. Many celebs that have worked with her in the past have made comments in articles about how difficult she is to work with and she has gotten that reputation now. We can go only off what we see in pictures and what "sources/reps/close friend to the star" say in these gossip magazines. I see no chemistry with this agent guy(like with Ryan and even Jake G.), they look uncomfortable with each other, he has absolutely no chemistry with Ava and Deacon(like Jake G. did), and his reputation in CAA/Hollywood is known as a class A jerk, a boozer, a player and sometimes batted for the "other team" (so to speak) and thats putting it nicely. Toth might be playing it cool right now, but in time, his true true colors will surface, they always do! and NO, I am not jealous or anything of that nature, in fact I used to be a very big fan of Reese. Oh boy, waaaaaay too much ranting,,,,,,,,,Have fun Ryan, Ava and Deacon on your trip!!!!!! Now I think, thats a very good looking family there!!!
Oslo Oslo 6 years
I feel somehow sorry for Ava and Deacon, and feel a little sad when i read about the Phillippe / Witherspoon family. I get the feeling that Reese Witherspoon would have done all she could to stay with the man who is the father of the children, and that it was Ryan that wanted out of the marriage? Reese seems very family-orientated. And most men would probably have stayed together with Reese Witherspoon! I cant think of anybody else that has "the whole package" that she does: really smart and wellspoken, incredibly beautiful and cute, she has karisma and is very talented, and seems like a great mum to Ava and Deacon.> Ava and Deacon gets photographed everywhere, and they now also get a sister with a woman that Ryan is not even dating. This cant be easy for them. That being said, I am sure Reese is much happier with Jim, it is great to see that she found a man that deserves her love. She and Ryan were problably unhappy for many years. Ryan has kind of proven what type of man he is after the divorce: the Alexis Knapp thing, plus all the other women... he obviosuly missed sleepig around when he was married to Reese. Of course, we people know nothing about the celebrities personal life. But this is my opnion, judging from the outside.
OCali OCali 6 years
He looks like a fun dad.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Nice to see the kids with their dad!
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
On the way to Delaware to spend time with the family.
When-I-Hear-Music When-I-Hear-Music 6 years
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