14 Times Ryan Gosling Looked Damn Good Without Even Trying

Jan 27 2016 - 9:00pm

Listen, there's no denying that Ryan Gosling [1] has plenty of sex appeal [2], and that he adds hotness to every movie he's in [3]. And don't even get us started on how cute he is with kids [4]. But let's get realer than real: even when he's casually walking down the street, minding his own business, Ryan Gosling looks downright flawless. The further we've investigated into his candid days out, the more we've realized he's never not perfect. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling and face the facts.

Let's start here, because he makes a hood look GOOD.

And what about this? No one can execute a plain white t-shirt like Ryan.

Seriously now, who looks this good at the airport? Who?!

Ugh. Those biceps.

His hoodie sleeves were so taken aback by his arms, they had to run away and collect themselves.

We'd wear sunglasses inside too, because directly regarding Ryan Gosling is like staring into the sun.

He even makes window washing look hot.

Carrying his dog through the airport like we secretly wish he was carrying us into our wedding suite.

You just know he's about to run his fingers through that glorious hair. You just KNOW.

Here he is casually slinging his backpack on one shoulder, and it wasn't casual at all because it was perfect.

When he wore a Macaulay Culkin shirt, we had never wished we were Macaulay Culkin until that moment.

We're pretty much blushing as red as that cardigan, though.

We were so not prepared for how well that shirt was going to fit.

And this. This is just flawless, and it's not OK.

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