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JKe895 JKe895 10 years
Hahaha! He looks pasty white like me!
jmast jmast 10 years
I can sympathize, I am Puerto Rican and I am so pale you can see my veins and the blood that runs through them. If I go to the beach I burn and then go right back to being pale. And then if I try the sunless tanning I become orange. Ugh. He is still cute to me :)
babylish babylish 10 years
oh, and he totally BELONGS with rachel mcadams.. i hope they work it out n get back together!!
babylish babylish 10 years
hahaha that new role sounds ridiculous! but thats ok i still love him.. omg i've adored him since his nerdy days on BREAKER HIGH!!
ElleJay ElleJay 10 years
Gosh he's hot! I went to see Fracture last night and couldn't really pay attention to the plot cuz of his hottness. I agree he could use a little bit of color though ;) ~*Elle Jay*~
McBrizzle McBrizzle 10 years
Just saw Half Nelson, he does such a good job! I cannot wait to see Fracture.
cari907 cari907 10 years
popculturepmpkn popculturepmpkn 10 years
In the pic where he's just standing there in his board shorts... first glance, I thought he had no pants on.
krisua krisua 10 years
The plot of the new movie sounds almost TOO intriguing... :ROTFL:
vpp917 vpp917 10 years
haha he's whiter than the sand.. wow get some color ryan!
etab etab 10 years
I agree with anyone who finds him unattractive. Even when he isn't scruffin it up and not showing his pasty-white self, I have never found him appealing. Meh, to each his own :)
ktjones ktjones 10 years
You know a guy is hot when he still looks good pasty white!
xo_verity xo_verity 10 years
I hope hes still with Rachel - they make the cutest couple!
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
Ha. He needs to get out in the sun more.
Samanna42 Samanna42 10 years
Well his body matches his shorts pretty well.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Aww ew.
rocman21 rocman21 10 years
He needs a tan, but he's still cute as hell.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
i love this man even if he is blindingly white hahaha. but i really hope he's still with rachel! *crosses fingers*
Sweet-Rinda Sweet-Rinda 10 years
I love the Canadian tan he is sporting - but not with those flesh coloured trunks! Yikes!
Fashionista8705 Fashionista8705 10 years
Omg he's so pale! lol but still sooo cute!! If only he had Rachel by his side.
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
Whoa, I need sunglasses to look at him! If he were any whiter, he'd be transparent! "Party like a rock star, pound like a porn star, play like an all star!"
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
I hope he is still with Rach! ****************************************** Is butter a carb?
redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 10 years
bleh, too pale.
Justinsbelle Justinsbelle 10 years
He's such a cutie! and I can relate to the whole being pale thing! :P If sexy never left, then why's everybody on my shit?
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
I love him but the boy needs some SUN!
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