I was more than a little shocked to hear the news yesterday morning that thanks to "creative differences" Ryan Gosling dropped out of the film adaptation of Lovely Bones and had already been replaced by Mark Wahlberg just hours before the movie was scheduled to start filming. This sudden change got me worried that something was wrong with the script, which would be especially sad considering how near this book is to people's hearts.

Now, rumors have surfaced that it was Peter Jackson who gave Ryan the boot instead of Ryan bailing. Hmm, the plot thickens. It's well known that 26-year-old Ryan has been gaining weight and growing a beard to better embody the father of a 14-year-old girl, but apparently it was a bit too over the top for Jackson's taste. According to the LA Times, Jackson was disappointed with Gosling's physical appearance, especially the weight. Meanwhile, Page Six says Jackson didn't like Ryan from the beginning, citing his demanding tendencies on set.

It sounds like these two talented men just weren't meant to work together. Ryan never struck me as a diva, but he is certainly a bit eccentric and could probably rub people the wrong way. And considering the recent successes in Peter Jackson's life (Lord of the Rings, heard of it?), he's probably got some stubborn faith in his own vision these days. I was excited to see Gosling take on this role, but I'm sure Mark's more realistic age and being an actual father will be excellent. At least we know Jackson can't have any complaints about his physique.