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Ryan Phillippe is not Box Office Gold

Ryan Phillippe's Flags of Our Fathers opened this weekend, but it looks like people are still more interested in Jack, Leo, and Matt to take notice. While both movies star the best looking men in Hollywood, The Prestige was the winner this weekend with $14.8 million in ticket sales. The Prestige was directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. One thing is for sure, the men ruled at the box office this weekend, but we can't believe more didn't turn out to see Ryan. Maybe after seeing this cover of Interview more people will be in line next weekend. Yummy.

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Fab-girl Fab-girl 10 years
Very gayish and cliche pics.
mom2 mom2 10 years
i agree faye
Faye16 Faye16 10 years
He looks like a gay pornstar here. Not hot.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
he is good looking and talented but these pictures are laughable..whats with the exact same look in ever photo..zoolander
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I think he's hot...if only he would smile more...
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
I look at him and think "gay, snotty, white boy." Bad hair, dude.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 10 years
jaxon, that is SO true. He's just too feminine looking for my taste. He's 'prettier' than Reese. And he's never been a box office draw. Crash won best film, but it had nothing to do with him. You could have inserted any young actor into his part and it wouldn't have made a difference, IMHO.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
i've seen all 3 movies for my job which includes collecting demographics of the audiences. for flags it was almost entirely senior citizens. ryan didn't look good in this movie most of the time (to me) which really wasn't relevant to the story but i do think he's attractive and was surprised at how "feminine" he looked in a helmet. too much eye make-up for my taste. very graphic war tale, depressing. for prestige the audience was very youthful and even as the younger men were entering they were making comments like "is this that faggot magician movie". i was wondering why they were all saying this but going into the movie. then i saw the movie and got my answer: scarlett jo! the departed is more action/sexy/BIG names, and all the hot guys looked hot. anyway, just my take.
H0T-Tamale H0T-Tamale 10 years
ooh! Ryan i think he is a Q t :)he looks different in these pics though then how he actually look on film. i prefer him on film =p
LaLaLaura LaLaLaura 10 years
Oh too bad. I really liked him in Crash. I thought maybe he was going to start making good movies again.
jaxon jaxon 10 years
I'm sorry he's looking a little too "Brokeback" with the overalls and no shirt sucking on wheat. Def does NOT get my blood boiling
KPod KPod 10 years
Reese could do better. I've never seen the attraction.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
I never found him attractive. Furthermore, I used to think he was a horrible actor. But he's gotten much better. I haven't seen him in much recently, but he was really good in "Gosford Park" and in "Crash" (even though I hated "Crash"). Also, he seems like a really nice guy and a good father.
prettyirate1 prettyirate1 10 years
oh come on he is super duper hot tamale. i think he is hotter than reese
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
This was the best movie I have ever seen, hands down. I was sad to find out it wasn't number one, but that's probably because 80% of the audience was over 30. It is SUCH a good story, and one that many people were not even aware of happening. I'd highly recommend this movie, and eye candy was not even a factor for me. Paul Walker is shown for like 5 minutes in the movie, which was a probably a smart move LOL
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Eh this is OK. Not feelin the farmer theme so much
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
He is so unattractive.
labellejournee labellejournee 10 years
He looks tasty
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
No thanks! And he always has that stupid pout on his face. Yuck.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
I can't wait to see this movie! He looks great, but I like it when he smiles. :D
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Not my type.
Laura14 Laura14 10 years
He does nothing for me.
mom2 mom2 10 years
pictures HORRIBLEEE!!! and those overalls - yuck! gross -
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
Yeah, I never take eye candy into consideration when deciding which movies to see. I'm just generally not interested in war movies (although the bf LOVES Clint Eastwood so I'm sure I'll be dragged to see it eventually). "The Departed" and "The Prestige" look much more interesting to me (although I don't find Leo, Matt Damon, Marky Mark, Christian Bale OR Hugh Jackman particularly attractive either.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
Sorry love ;)
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