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The Ryan Reese Split - Blame it on the Blonde and the BlackBerry

Just as we predicted, the rumor mill has been circulating in full force ever since Reese and Ryan announced their split yesterday. There's been accusations of cheating, knock-down, drag-out fighting, and now it's come back around to cheating again. It always does. And so far, according to numerous unknown sources, Ryan is to blame. National Enquirer reports:

Sources now tell The ENQUIRER that when Reese found apparent email proof of Ryan cheating it finally convinced her to end the troubled relationship. "Reese is heartbroken," a source told The ENQUIRER. Reese discovered Ryan's messages when she accompanied him to New York for the premiere of his movie "Flags of Our Fathers" on Oct. 16. At the premiere the couple smiled and posed for photos together, "but when they got back to the hotel, Reese found Ryan's BlackBerry, which he'd carelessly left in the bathroom -- and she read it," said the source. "Ryan was caught red-handed. All he could say was he didn't mean what he'd written to the other woman." Ryan went to Morocco to finish filming "Stop Loss" and hoped Reese would cool off while he was gone. But when he got home to their Brentwood, CA., mansion in late October, he was no longer welcome. The marriage was over and Reese kicked him out.

Can this really be true? Once again we are the naive fan who really thought there was such a thing as the golden Hollywood couple. We were the suckers that thought Nick and Jessica were for real as well. Let's hope someone gets married this weekend to even out the bad news.

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