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Green Green 9 years
wow- I've read alot of these comments but I truly think that she is a better parent then most of the celebs that we hear about. they have nannies tuck their kids in, matthew and sarah jessica do this part themselves. Bravo!
Artemis Artemis 10 years
Pop, I am surprised about your comments on how young she looks. We have all seen plenty of non-airbrushed pics of SJP and she does not look young at all! Like some others have pointed out, she's got a fair amount of wrinkles and really does look her age. In fact, her wrinkles were very visible already in the last 2-3 seasons of SATC; although I love her, both as SJP and Carrie Bradshaw, I was sometimes struck by how tired and washed-out she looked, beneath all the make-up and stylish clothes.
krisua krisua 10 years
She's my hero!
Mickey-tee Mickey-tee 10 years
love her
noir21 noir21 10 years
"and can't believe how young she looks..." Um, you do know that magazines do a fair amount of airbrushing, don't you? Or are you new here?
She needs to get on her broom and fly away into the forest!
lilvix lilvix 10 years
"James Wilke" sounds fine...I mean she is "Sarah Jessica"
high-d high-d 10 years
awh i love her :]
Jennie Jennie 10 years
In the pic with the jeans on she looks so Carrie! It makes me even more excited for the SATC movie.
margie margie 10 years
Remove all make up. She's a man! blahhhhhh.
tati33 tati33 10 years
hahaa margie - you're right.. seriously, kids need their parents... at times i'm not crazy about SJP and other times i like her so..i'm in between...
sonnabobble sonnabobble 10 years
even if the movie bites....i love her and can't wait to see it!!
sexyeyes sexyeyes 10 years
She's awesome and I truly adore & love her!
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
She's so awesome I love her!
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 10 years
I think she's great and I love her.... but what is with this trend of mom's answering to their kids, w t f is up with that? who's the adult? I know a mom who's kid has her so controlled that the kid constantly calls her whenever she's not at home asking her to come home (BTW: did i mention that she's basically a stay-at-home mom?). If she's like out for more than 10 minutes he starts calling her on her cellphone with: when are you coming home, i want to go with you, if you stop by the grocery store pick this up for me, ...etc...etc... needy littleboy trd the mom thinks its cause the kid is precocious and smart or what-not, i just think the kid has no life and is obsessed with his mom (no friends) he's done this since he first learned to use a phone at like 4 yrs old ... it's been a few years now and it's just gotten worse... I can just see the kid smothering any life partner he'll ever have when he grows up... if he gets that far and someone actually agrees to be his gf/bf Crazy crazy situation!!!
margie margie 10 years
She TRIES to be home 4 nights a week to tuck him in? Take that dress off right now Mama? This kids sounds smarter than mummy and daddy. SJP is trying to tell a cute story about JW but it's making her look real, real bad.
love her to pieces. :)
JennaV JennaV 10 years
It also cracks me up that she always calls him James Wilkie :rotfl:
cari907 cari907 10 years
aww luv her
shoey_1984 shoey_1984 10 years
I think a lot of parents answer to their kids anyways. There is nothing wrong with him telling her when she doesn't look good. Which probably isn't too often! LOL!
toosugar toosugar 10 years
I saw her at the Bitten launch in NYC. She is beautiful and I AM a big fan. But don't let these photoshopped pictures fool you. She has lots of wrinkles and does look her age. Nothing wrong with that, just saying.
lilflowa lilflowa 10 years
That vain in her head annoys me and the last pic with the cropped jeans looks totally retarded and is that cute??? the first pic is gorgeous tho....i see they airbrushed out her vains!!
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 10 years
love love love her...a great person and a great inspiration to others...i am sure she is an amazing mother, her and matthew carry themselfs so well...i admire this couple
hvnly34 hvnly34 10 years
Love her and always will!
I really like SJP and I also bet she is a great mom and she is absolutley adorable.... If you havent seen the family stone you is great and hse is great...
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