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Ahh, Hollywood incest - there never seems to be enough hot celebrities to go around. We thought Jessica Biel was like totally over Justin and moving on with Ryan Reynolds, but now he's been seen around town getting cozy with Scarlett. The two were spotted all over NYC and spent Easter together with a group of friends. Here's more:

On Saturday night, the pair were seen getting close at the Manhattan restaurant Odeon. "They were in a good mood," says one eyewitness who saw them laughing and smiling.

"They were definitely holding hands," says another observer. "They were a cute couple!"

The pair, who were with a group of pals, arrived at the Carlyle hotel around 4 p.m. Sunday for the $135 prix fixe lunch.

The whole group "was having a blast," says one witness. "It looked like a group of friends. I don't even think they were celebrating Easter."

There never seemed to be any bad blood between Scarlett and Jessica, but this is the second time that they've been linked to the same guy within a matter of weeks. Well Scarlett did just reveal to Seventeen Magazine that she feels like the press always says when it comes to dating men it's her or Jessica.


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SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 10 years
that is not a good picture of ryan reynolds. but he's a sexy b*tch. i'm jealous.
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
2 overrated, semi attractive women and one creepy looking guy. Big deal.
FreshRaggedyAnne FreshRaggedyAnne 10 years
northcarolinag2 northcarolinag2 10 years
I agree that Scarlett is a much better choice than JEssica Biel
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Exactly, ilove2ski - where were the paps? Where are the pictures? Either way, he's a cutie, but I don't really see it panning out even if they are a thing. Probably more of a weekend thing.
jmast jmast 10 years
I agree iLove2ski, I think if these two were together all week the paps would be swarming on them. Why do we find tons of pics of Scarlett shopping by herself but none when she's with Ryan Reynolds? They had innocent pics of Ryan with Jessica having lunch recently, I would think they would get these shots. Someone probably would have taken a pic with their camera phone. I won't believe this until I see pics.
Fragile1 Fragile1 10 years
Hmm...I can't think now that.Scarlett and Ryan!weird
dance_allnite dance_allnite 10 years
I think Ryan's hotter than JT and he doesn't seem as arrogant as Justin has been lately plus he's funny, which I love!
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
I prefer him with Biel!!! I do find it weird if Jessica and him were indeed hooking up cause we clearly saw pics of her and Scarlett hanging out together in Paris! It's just a rule that you don't go after your friend's exes or hook ups! But if nothing happened with him and Jessica then its all fair game for SacrJo, haha! The boy is hot!
Jessamyn Jessamyn 10 years
I actually like them both together!
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
That's disgusting. It's one thing to have the same taste and by chance date the same guy, but when it happens twice, that's kinda weird.
popontop popontop 10 years
I believe Ryan's 30 ilove2ski. He's hot as hell, don't blame the girl for hooking up with him. Though I preferred him with Alanis, now they made a fantastic couple. Scarlett should hook up with Adam Brody.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
Ryan is 30.. ____________________________________________________________ You missed your lease payment. Return the child or pay the consequences Earthlings!!
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Anyone know how old Ryan is? "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can watch you live and breathe your storylines"
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
The only picture we have had lately is of Jessica and ScarJo together..perhaps they are doing each other and the men are the smoke screen! LOL! ____________________________________________________________ You missed your lease payment. Return the child or pay the consequences Earthlings!!
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
Yeah, that tends to happen a lot ladies! I'd rather see him with S Jo than Biel any day though! Nothing against Biel. "Aint nobody out there swift like this."
Jinx Jinx 10 years
Sashak, that was kind of my point too, about ANYONE on Pop, not just Jessica and Scarjo. That's why I said what I said, I was being sarcastic. I find it amusing how some will say that on a thread about these girls, but assume the worst on other threads. Its all hypocritical bullshit. :) ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
sashak sashak 10 years
right on! go Scarlett! While I do love rumer mongering just as much as the next gal, just b/c they were having dinner together doesn't mean that they are fucking. Sorry to be so crude, but hey, its true. & Just b/c Ryan & Jessica had dinner doesn't mean that THEY were fucking. that being said, I'd jump all over him... :DROOL:
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Where are the pictures if they were together all week end? "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can watch you live and breathe your storylines"
r4 r4 10 years
First Justin now Ryan..hmm
Jinx Jinx 10 years
Gross. I assume, I can assume they are both doing every guy there's a picture or story of? ;) ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
pixiechick pixiechick 10 years
No not Ryan! He's mine :drool: Although you're right ohsuri, the coloring of that pic seems off.
sexyeyes sexyeyes 10 years
Women can be sooo damn dumb when it comes to men! :oy: _____________________________________________________________ Behind every great man, there's a woman rolling her eyes :oy:
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
LOL Ohsuri! I'm tired of that. :rotfl: I would love this couple together!
ohsuri ohsuri 10 years
Lets not start the who is tired of who again!! :) LOL
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