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Scarlett Wants to Sing

You would think that Scarlett would have enough on her hands as both an A-list actress and Sexiest Woman Alive. Turns out, however, that the starlet is also taking on a singing career. Now, before you start picturing her gyrating her way through a music video in short shorts and stiletto heels, here's more:

Scarlett, I am told, has signed a deal to make her first record. "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits" is being recorded now and through the winter, with a possible release next spring from Rhino Records' recently reactivated Atco label. The eventual release date will be coordinated with Johansson's movie schedule.

Fear not, though. Unlike some other recent pop tarts, Scarlett — who turns 22 next month — can actually sing; she is no Paris Hilton. Also, her choice of material is a tad more sophisticated. She's making a whole album of songs by Tom Waits, one of the premier singer-songwriters in the business.

This story sounds a little off, and we really hope the talented actress isn't about to try to become a pop star. Obviously the comparison to Tom Waits means she is not going down the Paris or Lindsay route, but still, we're not a fan of actors going into singing. Look what it did to poor Jared Leto.


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