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Sean Penn Files For Legal Separation From Robin Wright Penn

Morning Links — Sean Penn Files For Separation, Again


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Marlowe Marlowe 8 years
He recently said in an interview that Robin was the" Rock" in his life. Pfff... I liked them together. He is a jerk to have cheating on his wife so many times. Plus breaking uo a marriage only 4 days before their anniversary is mean. I hope Robin can find happiness with her children,and maybe meet an other man in the future..
laka laka 8 years
I hate to see marriages end (especially when there are children involved) but I wish them both the best, whatever that may be. This does not prove any blind item.
rossy rossy 8 years
To those who state that award winners don't thank their spouses/fiances means they don't love them... What the hell?! Why should they? Acceptance speeches are long enough, thank you, they don't need additional padding. - Whether it's BAFTA, GG's, Oscars, etc. - a winner only has to thank those who voted for them, producers, directors, co-stars & so on. With regards to Sean & Robin (depending on the sources) she DIDN'T want him to do "Milk" because she didn't think it would "go anywhere" because "playing gay" is the "worst thing for your career". - Did Robin do any of the following re: "Milk" - produce, direct, screen-write, etc.? Then... NO! That's between them in private & NOT for an AWARD'S show.
yummymango yummymango 8 years
Agreed. Why is Robin putting up with his crap? Also, I watched last night's DWTS results show (a guilty pleasure!) and it sounded as if Chuck was bitter that he was being kicked off rather than Melissa saying that even though their scores were 5 pts apart, his being higher, she still got saved by the fans... Then he went on to say that the TEAM dance did him in! What a gracious exit -_-;;
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
...and once married Madonna..not worth the air she breathes
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
I think Robin's very pretty, I like her face...anywho - seriously, just let him go....anyone who can play Freddy Krueger with no makeup isn't worth it
naked_american naked_american 8 years
Yes, that blind item was very clearly Sean Penn... not even sure why it was called "blind"!
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
me too shining........poor robin. he can be a real d-bag.
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
Okay, I'm thinking now that Sean Penn was the guy in the blind item that Popsugar did a little while ago.
outofhere outofhere 8 years
He treated her like dirt at the Oscars, he's such a cad. He's one of the few celebrities that actually repulses me.
chocolate79 chocolate79 8 years
Yes, Natalie has good moral.. but she also has weird taste in men..
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
:jawdrop: What?? I really liked them, this is so sad. Robin deserves better!
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Highly doubtful. Natalie's vigilant about her reputation and life choices veering on the positive side. Not likely.
chocolate79 chocolate79 8 years
Sean Penn is cool but he's also very weird.. i hope he's not seeing Natalie Portman as some rumors are saying..
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
Man, RWP and SP. Again? Oy vey.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
She is not an idiot. The person who doesn't understand divorce law is the idiot. My ex was the plaintiff in my case and it served my purposes for alimony and child support, we decided that together. We also proceeded pro se. Don't be so quick to be a judge without legal understanding.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Good. Robin, be done with it. I have nothing productive to say about Proposition 8- they took a vote and the majority said no. What do they do? vote again every time they don't like a vote's outcome? that's not democracy. I don't care who marries who, not my personal problem. There sure are a lot of twins lately.
naked_american naked_american 8 years
RWP deserves better. He clearly cheats on her again and again, and I thought the way he treated her at the Oscars was pretty sad. Who the hell doesn't thank their spouse when they win an Academy Award??
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