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Best of 2011: Who Is the Sexiest Woman of the Year?

We've already asked you to pick the year's sexiest couple, and now we want to know which steamy lady gets your vote. From hot models Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen to red carpet stars Blake Lively and Mila Kunis, there are plenty of women to choose from. Halle Berry, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart made the cut too but now it's up to you — who gets your vote for sexiest woman of 2011?

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douchebag douchebag 5 years
Nina is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life. She's hot, cute and gorgeous !! Kristen looks creepy
texasml texasml 5 years
Kristen Stewart gets my vote! I think she's gorgeous! I think Mila Kunis is beautiful too.
1278368 1278368 5 years
My love and respect for Kristen, she's beautiful inside and out ........ deserve only the good life!
sharshar200 sharshar200 5 years
kristen,she's the right one
clairecullen clairecullen 5 years
Although I am a huge Twilight fan (it is evident on my name), I am not voting for that mere fact. I think all these ladies are sexy and deserve the title whether we give it to them or not. But, if I had to choose among these women, I got to consider how most of them had undergone beauty surgery to enhance their look. I'm looking for someone who doesn't only have the sexy look, but the sexy personality. And, hands-down, being biased or not, I gotta go with Kristen Stewart. I think she's not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Even without make-up, she's clearly gorgeous. I love her attitude towards fame and how she's not that affected by it. Yes, she gets a lot of perks, but truly, she's just doing something that she loves. She never stopped being the person that she is. I think a big factor is that she changes for herself, not because people tell her to. Now, that - a true person - is what I find admirable and sexy.
ShellyBob74 ShellyBob74 5 years
I am not a teenager, I'm 37 yrs old and I think Kristen is GORGEOUS..the pic posted here isn't a very good representation of her..sure she likes to be comfortable ...but when she is on the red carpet, doing a cover or even when you see her on the street without makeup...she is stunning...her eyes and skin are flawless....her face is perfect..she can wear anything and it looks good on her...she is just beautiful!! I also think Nina Dobrev is absolutely gorgeous as well ..both girls are perfect, but so the end I like Kristen's look a bit more ..
keedie keedie 5 years
My vote goes for Kristen ! And people make me laugh ! If she would be so ugly (because this is what you're saying) she wouldn't be on this list ! But yeah for lots of people sexy = showing your ass everytime you can. And yeah Kristen is not like that. And I think Twilight fans have the right to vote too !
Mcrlovrfan Mcrlovrfan 5 years
I send some love to my beautiful Nina Dobrev, she's a gorgeous girl, fun, smart, great actress! and the list goes on!
jenniferg jenniferg 5 years
It´s great to come to a public forum, share your opinion, and be called a pathetic asshole for that. For what it´s worht, I like Kristen Stewart all right, but I don´t think she is the sexiest one of the bunch offered in this poll, and I don´t like being called an asshole for having a different opinion to other people.
Maryyy222 Maryyy222 5 years
"How is Kristen Stewart even on the list?" LOL Not only she is on the list, but she is kind of winning... sorry She's freaking beautiful, get over yourselves
Malorie Malorie 5 years
Kristetn Stewart~ a beauty of its own as many of us ladies are.. Naturel she is and thats what make Kristen she is... =)
sarittah sarittah 5 years
i have never watched twilight in my life but i ve seen kristen in many interviews and stuff , and it's obvious that she doesn't care that much of her physical apperances like the other hollywood ladies do. but even thow she looks very beautiful, so imagine her with all the make up she will certainly be stunning and more beautiful than the others.
cassasassafrass cassasassafrass 5 years
And yeah, just because Kristen is pale does NOT mean that she is on drugs.Sure she smokes pot, but so does half the fucking world. It's natural. And, I am just as pale as her and I wear no make-up whatsoever and I still get amazingly handsome guys. Guys like the natural look whether you want to believe me or not. I've never dyed my hair, I have perfect ringlet curls in my natural sandy blonde hair. And my personal opinion, if you don't NEED make-up to cover anything up. Why wear it unless it's a really special occasion? Kristen Stewart is my idol.
jolielove jolielove 5 years
Kristen Stewart!!
sandyzhou sandyzhou 5 years
why judge kristen based on her character in twilight ? judge her base on her sexiness ! shes damn sexy !
frozentime frozentime 5 years
In my opinion, of all them Kristen is the sexiest...looking at the other girls, they are all alike, same style, fashion, trying their best in those photos to look gorgeous while Kristen is out there with nothing but a plain shirt and jeans yet still looking so damn tell me who's the real deal...And for me, being sexy is not just about whats outside same as being beautiful, it's what on the inside...I love her personality, she's not the type who would get manipulated by fashion and trying to be always beautiful with all those make up on just so for the sake of being adored by people..she's the girl who does not give a damn about those things, and yet still loved by that for me what sexy i right?..right!..
gingirl gingirl 5 years
Just wanna say that I love how many brunettes are up here! :) I do love KStew, but you can't go wrong with Mila Kunis. Smart, sexy, and funny? Killer combo with gorgeous hair, lol. Can we say girl crush?
callingoutthecrazy callingoutthecrazy 5 years
In my opinion Kristen is by far the sexiest woman on that list!
xPalina xPalina 5 years
@leanyn and @1278368 and @1295291 LET ME LOVE YOU! xD
xPalina xPalina 5 years
I agree that it's not fair to put teen stars like Nina and Kristen agains classic idols like Halle Berry, and of course these sites use the advantage of bringing up big fandoms like vampire diaries vs. twilight but - KRISTEN STEWART IS SEXY. just like every other woman she deserved her place. There's a reason she got casted as a stripper and she looked damn fantasic in that movie. If you don't believe me, take a look at her W Magazine photos.
LealandMS LealandMS 5 years
Halle is older and wiser and has been sexy for a long time. She has a pretty face and fab body and a bit of sense of humor.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Miranda all the way,serious her sexiness is far above all the others to the degree of Halle's who set the bar for sexy.
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
Kristen Stewart is my number one :)
1278368 1278368 5 years
I like Gisele but vote for Kristen Stewart, its natural beauty is amazing!
kaiann53 kaiann53 5 years
Grandma of two in their twentys says Kristen Stewart. Shes a lovely girl.
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