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Sexy Pictures of Stephen Curry

You Don't Have to Be a Basketball Fan to Appreciate Steph Curry's Good Looks

Sexy Pictures of Stephen Curry

Full disclosure: I'm a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Fuller disclosure: despite how much I love the Cavs, I also have a deep appreciation for everything Stephen Curry has going on physically. Whether it's the full-on heart eyes he's always giving to wife Ayesha, how sweet he always is with his unbelievably adorable daughters, or his killer abs on display, Steph has a lot of good things going on. To top off how seemingly perfect his personal life is, he's also riding high in his professional life as well. He and the rest of the Golden State Warriors just won the NBA Championship over the Cavs and he is understandably celebrating in style — and also shirtless, which we are fully OK with.

People of the world, it's time to get on board with the sports, because athletes are seriously ripped, and we can't get enough. They work hard day in and day out to perfect their game and their bodies and are in ridiculous shape, all so we can stare and drool. OK, so maybe it's all for the love of the sport, but athletes are also nice to look at. Don't believe me? These ridiculously attractive photos of Steph should absolutely change your mind and have you googling key basketball phrases so you can keep up when basketball season rolls around again later this year.

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