Shia LaBeouf has had a rough year since his serious car crash last Summer, which eventually made him lose his license. He's finally got some downtime to recover between films, but apparently the hand he hurt in the accident will never fully heal. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor talks about his progress, his embarrassment over last Summer, and how sometimes you just have to dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Here are highlights:

  • On how much usage he'll regain in his hand: "Probably about 80-something percent. I'll be able to make a fist again. There's a knuckle I'll never be able to move again, but that's probably the only permanent damage, other than the scarring."
  • On getting back to work on Transformers 2: "When I came back it was just out of the guilt that I had. I pride myself on my professionalism, and this is the first issue I've ever had where I wasn't able to come to set, and it's f---ing heartbreaking when you gotta look at your crew. You know, what can you do? You just gotta grab your balls and move forward. There's nothing else to do. The thing that cut deep to the core of me was knowing that there were 65 human beings [in the crew] who are like family to me, waiting for me to come back. They were sitting on their asses doing nothing because of my . . . you know, my situation. It's the most intense s--- I've ever dealt with, and am still dealing with. I mean, if people look at me like a drunk a--hole, that's okay. But I know my family looks at me like a whole different person, and I know my crew respects me immensely. And at the end of the day, I can't do much more."
  • On recovering from his initial surgery: The first voice I heard when I came out of surgery was Harrison's. Harrison [Ford] called me on the phone and said, "Hey, are you okay?" I said, "Yeah, I'm good." He said, "Well, then you need to get back to work." I said, "Are you serious?" He said, "That's the way this cookie crumbles." So I went back to work. The show doesn't stop for anybody.

Poor Shia — it sounds like he's moving on but will have a permanent reminder of the lesson he learned. We may not be able to fix his broken hand, but we can show him a little bit of support by voting for him in the Pop 100.