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BriLuvsLoki BriLuvsLoki 5 years
They need to get a room
Roger2313368 Roger2313368 5 years
Nice to see them enjoying together. Justin is my favorite. I'm glad of the pictures I found JB's growing up at He looks so cute in them
Bacon690 Bacon690 5 years
he looks like a bad kisser
jelena-alldaway jelena-alldaway 6 years
OMG people yall really need to just chill out gosh.... going WHERE ARE THERE PARENTS..... and I CUT MYSELF BECAUSE OF THIS CRAP. and...... SHE IS WAY TO OLD FOR HIM.... Omg people really did u not read up there that said Justin's mom was there with them... and just because a guy you can't have is happy and with someone he loves doesn't mean you have to cut yourself cause trust me you'll find your person someday k.... and omg she is not to old for him wow she a year older than him who cares and its not aginst the law if she is willing to be with him and he is willing to be with her and that their parents know.... now if she wanted to be with him and he didnt and she was forcing all this then yes that against the law and she can go to jail but its not like that so yall leave them alone stop hating and just be happy that they are happy and found love in that hectic life they have a being famous....
xdeedee xdeedee 6 years
LOL. I'm not too into Justin or Selena, but how is pda rape? My boyfriend and I probably do too much of it but does that make us bad people? Nope. Or does that make me a slut? No. Does that make Selena a slut? No! A slut is someone who is dirty and sleeps around with multiple people. Nobody even knows if they're even having sex and who cares. They're both normal people and normal people will do shit. It's fun. So all you pathetic 'WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? THIS IS RAPE!' people need to wake yourselves up.
LexyAn LexyAn 6 years
if he had his shirt on i'd think he was a teeny tiny lesbian.
Cathe-Hardy Cathe-Hardy 6 years
Hun..This it's just my opinion so take it easy...And just for the record I'm 17..
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
As for him being skinny, so is she! Teeny-bopper bodies all around. Despite what shows like Gossip Girl, 90210 and Smallville tell us, he's closer to the norm than they are.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Too much? They aren't doing anything any normal 17 and 18 year old would be doing. Seriously, people need to get a grip. The only weird thing here is that paps are so interested in following them around and that sites like Sugar report it.
Cathe-Hardy Cathe-Hardy 6 years
Honestly i love both o f them...but this is a lil too much...Just because they're famous doesn't mean that they are going to be around the country kissing and hugging around the country and the worse part people loving it..I mean they are kids(one more than the other) Parents should give them less liberty and keep and eye over them or they sadly will end like the most of the celeb kids.
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